Anti-Corruption in the Armed Forces

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The fight against corruption in the armed forces is becoming one of the main tasks designed to ensure the combat effectiveness of troops. High-quality weapons and timely supply of the army entirely depend on the success of eradicating this social evil.

Legal Framework for Combating Corruption in the Armed Forces

The legal basis for combating corruption in the RF Armed Forces is set out in the order of the Minister of Defense No. 370, issued on the basis of the norms of the federal law "On Combating Corruption". He approved the Anti-Corruption Plan for 2018-2020. The document is mandatory for all military units and subdivisions.


The execution of the order is ensured by the deputy ministers and the head of the personnel department of the RF Ministry of Defense. The list of activities given is standard, it appears almost unchanged in similar plans and programs adopted by other departments, and focuses on:

  • organizing the submission and verification of declarations on the income of military personnel, control over their expenses;
  • measures to avoid conflicts of interest;
  • conducting inspections.

Anti-corruption measures specific to the armed forces have become:

  • explaining the danger of actions that can be regarded as an inducement to bribe;
  • introduction of innovative anti-corruption technologies;
  • verification of bidders for the supply of goods and services to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for the presence of a corruption component in their activities.

The implementation of the plan is designed to minimize risks and enhance the effectiveness of combating corruption in the RF Armed Forces.