Countering corruption in internal affairs bodies

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The internal affairs agencies are traditionally most susceptible to corruption, despite the systemic struggle against it. Measures to counter this phenomenon should be based on law and on modern technical solutions.

Legal and regulatory framework

Anti-bribery in the internal affairs bodies is based on three documents:

  • UN Convention against Corruption.
  • Law "On Combating Corruption".
  • Criminal Code.

Anti-corruption measures

The fight against corruption crimes in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in recent years is based on two principles:

  • the widespread use of means of technical recording of the actions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - video cameras, sound recording devices;
  • deepening the practice of bringing to criminal responsibility the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for bribery.

The cleansing of the ranks of the ministry resulting from the measures applied should improve the situation with corruption in law enforcement agencies.