State policy in the field of combating corruption

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By orruptsiya in Russia long ago acquired the scale of the disaster. Every year, the state budget loses trillions of rubles due to the activities of corrupt officials. Therefore, combating corruption is the main activity of state and municipal authorities.

This problem is compounded by the fact that more than 60% of corrupt officials in Russia are officials. Therefore, the fight against corruption is carried out mainly on paper. Recently, however, the government has been making more and more efforts to eradicate corruption in public authorities. This is evidenced by numerous lawsuits against former and current government officials accused of engaging in corruption, which end in convictions and confiscation of inappropriately acquired property.

The organizational foundations of combating corruption are the actions of all government officials against corruption offenses. The main actions are carried out by law enforcement agencies, whose activities are controlled by state authorities.

There are more than 20 areas of activity in the field of combating corruption. The main directions of state policy are the introduction of anti-corruption standards and the development of new bills providing for a comprehensive anti-corruption fight.