Monitoring employee productivity

Productivity monitoring is an essential part of a risk management program. Knowing how employees spend their time at work helps you make sure that the company’s strategy has been implemented correctly and allows you to learn about weak spots within a team or discover ineffective methods of HR management.

Keeping track of your staff activity lets you see:

  • Which applications are being used during work hours and for how long
  • Whether applications are active or running in the background
  • How much time an employee spends in the workplace
  • How often an employee is late for work or is working overtime
  • Whether an employee is surfing websites or performing activities not for work-related purposes


The system collects and analyzes information concerning work hours, notifying you of employee productivity levels. The program provides a manager with a detailed report, based on the analysis of employees’ work.

Tracking staff members’ involvement makes it possible to determine which projects being run by employees are profitable and which are inefficient. Every employee has his or her own work pace, and individual approach to taking breaks. The system follows each employee’s activity and allows you to analyze both his or her specific work rhythm and results.

The SearchInform product provides you with intelligent tracking. As soon as the policies are configured and an employer is sure of what is acceptable and what is not, it is easy to assess the productivity of each member and of the team as a whole.