Assessment of staff in an organization

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The efficiency of any enterprise depends on how competent its staff is. To establish the effectiveness of each employee of the company in their duties, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each member of the team, as well as to fulfill the requirements for confirming the qualifications of employees, it is necessary to assess the personnel. To this end, the enterprise should develop a personnel assessment system, which allows not only assessing their skills, abilities, experience, but also drawing up a program to improve work with personnel, improve their qualifications, professional selection and create a personnel reserve.

Personel assessment. Why is this needed?

In the process of working at the enterprise, each employee not only applies his existing skills, but also gains experience, which is necessary to solve new, more complex tasks. Accordingly, it is necessary that the assessment of personnel is carried out in a comprehensive manner, with the study of the features of a specific work process. This allows us to determine, first of all, the suitability of an employee to his position, and also helps to identify his potential, which should be rationally used to solve the main goals and objectives set for the company.

Employee hiring is carried out in accordance with certain requirements established for qualifications, experience, which are confirmed (or not confirmed) exclusively during employment. Already in the process of joint cooperation, the employee's skills declared upon admission to work, additional knowledge are revealed, the characteristics of his personality are manifested. Only in practice can it be determined to what extent these data meet the criteria of the organization's production goals.

It is also important that the employee himself assesses his own abilities. As a result of such an analysis, it will be possible to establish how the real abilities of employees coincide with the needs of the enterprise, and what contribution to its success can be made by the activities of each individual person.

Only the assessment of personnel makes it possible to create a rationally working structure, most effectively distribute the company's labor resources, as well as increase their efficiency. Constant control and the opportunities that open up for each employee as a result of the assessment of his work, allow to optimize the work of each member of the team, stimulate to perform work duties with great zeal.

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Personnel assessment objectives

Assessment of personnel performance allows achieving the following goals:

  • establish the correspondence between the costs aimed at performing a specific amount of work and the funds allocated for the maintenance of the employee, his workplace. If a certain specialist has low labor productivity, his content becomes unprofitable for the employer. In this case, it is necessary to reshuffle personnel as soon as possible so that this employee takes a job in accordance with his real capabilities and skills;
  • identify the functional role of a specific employee across the organization in accordance with his skills. There is a possibility that a certain employee is doing an excellent job in a team, actively developing, striving to show his best working qualities. Such a person can become a valuable link in a certain direction of the company. This can have a positive effect on the economic component of the success of the enterprise, if appropriate conditions are created;
  • evaluate the potential of an employee, which can be used for the benefit of the enterprise without additional investment. Over the years, a certain number of ordinary employees acquire experience, knowledge, skills that are important for the company, which become a strong basis for such people to work effectively in management positions. In this case, the owner of the enterprise no longer needs to spend money on the search and training of new management personnel.

HR assessment objectives

During the assessment of personnel performance, important production tasks are solved:

  • a strong personnel reserve is created, consisting of full-time employees of the enterprise, which reduces the cost of recruiting new personnel;
  • specialists with a high professional level are trained, potential middle managers are identified directly within the company, their re-profiling or advanced training is carried out;
  • the methods of enterprise management are being improved, the control of production discipline is being strengthened, the interest of personnel in increasing labor productivity is increasing;
  • the staffing table is optimized due to the rational distribution of functions and responsibilities based on the results of the assessment: transfer of employees to other positions, reduction in accordance with the negative indicators of labor productivity revealed during the assessment of work;
  • introduction of additional motivational levers that can stimulate employees to improve their production competence and qualifications. The result can be career growth, improvement of the financial situation, realization of the potential of employees in terms of implementation of their proposed projects.

Personnel assessment functions

Evaluation of the work of the company personnel performs administrative, informative, motivational functions.

  1. The administrative function is performed to fill vacancies through the reshuffle of personnel, as a result of which:
  • the employee can be transferred to another position in accordance with the results of the assessment;
  • an employee is promoted;
  • a vocational training plan is drawn up;
  • a decision on dismissal is made;
  • workers are rewarded.
  1. The informative function is implemented to improve management methods for working with personnel by informing about the existing requirements for quality and volume indicators of labor. In this direction:
  • the degree of workload of production personnel is revealed;
  • the effectiveness of his work, the degree of qualification compliance with the company's requirements is determined;
  • the possibility of increasing the size of wages is being realized.
  1. The motivational function makes it possible to increase the interest of each member of the team in increasing labor productivity. Assessment of production personnel has a positive effect on the development of not only each employee, but also the company, since the presence of feedback is a powerful tool for improving the efficiency of the enterprise.

Stimulating levers of influence are used as motivation:

  • career growth;
  • the possibility of self-realization.

When do you need staff assessment

For the personnel assessment system to give a significant result, it is necessary to determine before its development and implementation:

  • what parameters will be assessed, on what scale to measure them;
  • what methods to use to collect realistic information;
  • who should be entrusted with the work of assessing personnel, are there competent employees for this;
  • what to do with non-measurable process parties;
  • how to avoid the influence of personal sympathies.

The need for personnel assessment with the development and implementation of the system is most often caused by:

  • the emergence of a stable outflow of personnel;
  • the lack of a personnel assessment system at the enterprise;
  • the need to make management decisions on the company's HRM;
  • the planned more intensive development of certain areas in the company's work with the allocation of investments for these purposes;
  • change (change planning) of the team of the management sector of the enterprise;
  • change (planning changes) of strategic directions in the work of the company;
  • the need to form a project team designed to solve strategic tasks;
  • the emergence of legal priority grounds for the movement of workers within the company;
  • changes in the structure of the enterprise, optimization by downsizing;
  • the importance of optimizing processes in the company;
  • the need to restructure the company;
  • the need to understand how competent the staff is to formulate the training program and plan;
  • the need to formulate a personnel development plan, create a personnel reserve;
  • decrease in labor discipline indicators;
  • more frequent conflicts between employees;
  • complaints of company employees against the employer to the relevant inspectorates;
  • the need to change or create a system of incentives for employees.

Personnel assessment methods

For the assessment of working personnel, many methods are used to assess each employee most accurately. These methods include:

  • analysis of documentation: familiarization with the resume, written recommendations, documents on education, qualifications, characteristics of managers, etc. The assessment of the reliability of the submitted materials is carried out based on the determination of actual performance indicators related to the duties performed, the level of qualifications, experience, achievements, etc.;
  • analysis of the established requirements of regulatory documents, standards, requirements for internal production processes, quality of manufactured products and the implementation of these requirements by personnel. For this, a standard grading scale is being developed;
  • testing by psychological parameters to obtain the results of assessing personality characteristics in a quantitative and descriptive form. Quantitative results can be used to compare specific qualities of workers. A survey on personality tests can be conducted by a specialist who is familiar with the methodology; the processing of the results obtained should be carried out by a specialist trained in the methodology of using specific questionnaires;
  • assessment of working behavioral characteristics, interview with an employee to evaluate him;
  • testing according to professional tests for specific working professions, positions, basic skills and knowledge. The development of tests is usually entrusted to the immediate supervisors of the assessed personnel, it is possible to involve external experts who are specialized specialists;
  • business essay - assessing the possibility of solving a certain production problem in a limited time period, identifying the employee's strategic vision abilities, the ability to find an algorithm for solving specific work issues;
  • ranking - conducting a comparative analysis of employees in a specific department, between structures connected in processes, building a rating chain in accordance with pre-selected criteria;
  • assessment of personnel by competencies - the selected characteristics of behavior, showing how well the assigned tasks are performed in a specific position at the enterprise;
  • 360 degrees - processing information about the actions of the employee in the natural working environment, whether he has the necessary business qualities. This data comes from employees, clients, colleagues, subordinates, etc.;
  • complex assessment of competencies using the Assessment-center method, in which many positions are assessed. A team of observers monitors the group's various tasks. During this process, the actions and behavior of each member of the group are assessed against previously prepared scenarios of behavior that are directly related to work. The results obtained undergo a joint discussion, after which decisions are made;
  • MBO (Management by Objectives) is management by goals, which involves joint (boss-subordinate) setting key goals for an employee for a certain period of time (from six months to a year). The number of goals should not be large, the main thing is that they reflect the most significant tasks inherent in the employee's position for the planned period. It is necessary to adhere to certain criteria when setting goals - specificity, measurability, significance, time orientation, achievability of tasks assigned to the employee;
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicators) assessment of personnel work according to the main performance criteria. It is necessary to establish to what extent this evaluation works as a control of results and improvement of staff performance. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the main goals of the enterprise, the assessment criteria should be understandable for any employee in respect of whom this assessment method is applied;
  • HR audit - allows you to assess the state of human resources at the enterprise, how effectively the personnel management system works in terms of fulfilling the strategy, tasks, achieving the goals set for the company. This method also allows you to identify areas of risk and development;
  • certification - it is assessed how the employee's activities meet the standard requirements for performing work at a specific workplace in accordance with the position held;
  • test cases are a technique that is a structured description of a specific production situation that an employee must analyze in order to find the most acceptable solutions. This allows you to train or evaluate an employee according to certain parameters. In this case, the real state of professional knowledge, skills, competence, and personal characteristics is determined.

What is the use of personnel assessment in an organization

The results of assessing the performance of personnel should be systematized, structured in order to obtain a real picture of the state of human resources in the organization. This procedure allows you to:

  • establish the current state of staff competence;
  • determine the correspondence of the qualifications of labor resources to the tactical tasks and goals of the enterprise;
  • evaluate the professional contribution of personnel to the effective work of the organization;
  • apply adequate remuneration to employees in accordance with their qualifications;
  • to identify the compliance of the employee's area of responsibility with his job duties;
  • to identify the functional imbalance of the organization in terms of human resources;
  • prioritize tasks during the next staff assessment;
  • identify possible legal risks (labor disputes, penalties from the inspecting authorities) in accordance with certain regulations;
  • analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the procedures used for personnel assessment;
  • develop recommendations for eliminating violations identified in the assessment process;
  • develop recommendations for improving work on personnel training;
  • outline directions for development, pay attention to the risk areas of human resources in the organization.

Implementation of the personnel assessment system: mistakes and difficulties

During the implementation of personnel assessment, it is necessary to choose the right methodology, since often the selected methods in practice do not correspond to the level of maturity of the organization. Often the assessment system is not tied to the motivation system - material and non-material. In addition, employees may have a negative attitude towards the implementation of these activities, and managers do not want to waste time on their implementation. Often, the feedback from managers conducting assessments with employees is low and the latter cannot perceive it. Some employees have high or low self-esteem, which sometimes makes it difficult to identify real skills and competencies.

The implementation of personnel assessment measures is a serious step that allows you to optimize the activities of the enterprise in each of its areas. As a result, the efficiency of employees' work and their motivation increase, the personnel becomes more competent and productive.