Automated staff assessment system

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It will not be difficult for the employer or the manager to monitor and evaluate the work of the personnel of a small company. An objective assessment of the work of employees of a company with a large staff is a more difficult task. Based on typical algorithms for testing, polling and observation, automated assessment systems allow you to monitor the activities of the team as a whole and each employee individually. Prompt collection and objective processing make the automatic personnel appraisal program an indispensable assistant to the manager or personnel manager.

Benefits of automated systems

The introduction of automated grading systems allows several tasks:

  1. Make the personnel assessment process understandable for the manager and subordinates.
  2. Motivate staff to improve the efficiency of their duties.
  3. Reduce the time spent on assessing the performance of employees.
  4. Get rid of unnecessary papers.
  5. Assess employees for completing tasks, and managers for competent personnel management.

The introduction of automatic personnel assessment systems allows the employee to track the implementation of the work plan and the compliance of individual activities with the strategic goals of the company.

The goals of implementing automated systems

What does the implementation of personnel assessment software provide:

  • Operational control of work.
  • Reduction of paperwork.
  • Quick fix of bugs.
  • Communicating the company's strategic goals, work plans and performance assessment criteria to each employee.
  • Motivation of the top manager to effectively manage the department's employees. A manager's performance assessment is based on an assessment of the performance of the employees for whom he is responsible.
  • Establishment of unified performance assessment criteria (KPI).
  • Simplification of the system of redistribution of tasks, if one of the employees is sick, quit, or was transferred to another department.

The choice of an automated talent assessment program depends on the software already in use in the office. This will facilitate the installation of the system, allow the use of existing databases, optimize the exchange of resources and results.

The ability to adjust assessment methods, assessment tools and criteria, create your own tests, taking into account the specifics of the company's functioning - are the necessary properties of the personnel assessment system. Ease of use, clear menus, versatility are additional features that will facilitate the implementation of a personnel assessment solution.

Stages of development and implementation of automated systems

At the preparatory stage, the administration allocates several employees, as a rule, it is a HR manager and a technical worker, who are trained in user skills with a new IT solution for assessing personnel in the company.

If this is not possible, the staff of the technical support department of the system manufacturer conduct a brief briefing on automated personnel assessment, train them to enter information, and also to correct data.

The system is adapted to the goals of the client company. Basic requirements for an automated assessment system:

  • scalability;
  • multifunctionality;
  • installation of additional settings;
  • storage of a large amount of information;
  • prompt processing of information;
  • built-in solutions for personnel management.

The final stage, after getting acquainted with various solutions and choosing a program, is testing the program in the company's network. A plus for the developer will be a free opportunity to test the product. This is evidence of the supplier's reliability, his confidence in the quality of the offered products.

The purpose of the implementation of an automated personnel assessment program is to create a simple and open assessment system without paperwork. Both managers and employees trust the results of such a program.

An ordinary employee sees in the system his own tasks, plans and work results, the final grade. Good motivation will be information about the company's business goals, corresponding to the tasks assigned to the employee. Heads of departments using the system see the big picture, which reflects the goals and assessments of the personnel of the department, as well as data on the assessments of each employee. Top managers of the company have access to all information in the system.

It is important that an error correction function is present in the selected, installed personnel assessment system. In the initial stages, it is easy to use the built-in hint system. This will reduce the risk of entering incorrect data, typos and grammatical errors. The ability to make changes to the system will be needed for unplanned situations: illness, transfer or dismissal of an employee.

To avoid entering incorrect information, you should create multi-level access and a limited circle of administrators who manage the system. Changes are most often required in the event of a technical failure in the program or in the event of a change in the company's strategy.

Implementation features

Implementation of personnel assessment programs is a responsible task. Before choosing a computerized personnel appraisal system, you should decide what tasks need to be solved in the first place: appraisal of applicants for a vacancy and certification involve different requirements for the program.

In addition, the number of employees who will be affected by the assessment process should be estimated. This will determine whether you need to purchase a system or just use the services of independent experts.

If you need to evaluate only a few people, buying the program is irrational. Experts will quickly assess the staff and provide recommendations in addition to the results. For a large corporation, one-time valuation consultations will cost more than a purchased system for internal use. Such a model can be compared with renting a home: buying an apartment is, of course, an order of magnitude more expensive, but additional costs are cut off and there is no risk of an increase in rent.

Attention should also be paid to the services that are included in the cost of the program. The availability of technical support from the developer company, automatic updates, support of a personal consultant will facilitate the solution of issues that arise during the launch and operation of the program.

The advantage of computer-based automated systems is that the system allows you to obtain an objective assessment of the work of the company's personnel, reduce the time for calculating the results, improve methods of searching, processing and storing data.

However, thoughtless copying of Western automated programs, which are not always correctly translated into Russian and not adapted for Russian business, will not bring the desired result, will not facilitate, but only complicate the work of the manager.

The methodology for assessing an employee of an American corporation with a pronounced hierarchical structure, whose job responsibilities are clearly regulated, is not suitable for assessing an employee of a Russian agency, where a creative approach to solving production issues is needed. In addition to the criteria for the speed of collection and processing of information, the availability of storage for databases, an effective personnel assessment system is distinguished by the reliability of the results returned.