Improving working time efficiency

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The survey on how to correctly allocate resources and plan work in time is of concern not only to managers, but also to heads of large companies. Therefore, it is important to learn a few tips on how to achieve more efficient use of working time. Time management skills will be useful to any specialist who wants to get the job done and leave some time for himself.

What is considered working time?

Working time is considered the period fixed in the employment contract with the employee and allotted for the performance of official duties. Often the manager cannot track the efficiency of the use of working time. As a result, more and more cases accumulate, employees do not follow deadlines and do not have time to complete tasks.

What affects the use of working time?

Effectiveness is influenced by factors such as:

  • operating mode (number of hours, breaks);
  • organization of the working atmosphere;
  • employees' desire to work;
  • planning of affairs and working hours.

What distracts you from efficient use of your time?

Distracting both the manager and employees from work can be:

  • stressful situations;
  • fatigue, which not only negatively affects health, but also “steals” time;
  • mobile phone, communication with colleagues and social networks.

Time management implementation techniques

To increase the efficiency of working time use, some time management techniques and special programs are used that are installed in the office and on personal computers. With their help, you can monitor the efficiency of a single employee, analyze the results of his work.

To freely dispose of working time, you can first use the following tips:

  • Plan the day ahead in writing. Time should be clearly allocated for each case. It is important to keep the list clearly structured.
  • Among all the tasks, you must choose a priority. All cases can be conditionally divided into subgroups: urgent and non-urgent, important and unimportant. It is worth starting with urgent and at the same time important matters.
  • All tasks during working hours are performed to achieve the goal. It is important to visualize this goal in front of employees or in front of yourself and note on a daily basis how the company has approached it during its work.

There are computer programs designed to monitor the effectiveness of the use of time at work. They will analyze the to-do list and the time spent on them. The database can be customized for any profession. In case of leaving the workplace, employees will have to “explain” the reasons for their absence to the program. The program provides for hidden and explicit modes of operation. In explicit mode, the employee has access to his statistics and can study the use of working hours.

There are separate sites, timers, in which you can make a plan of work for the day and gradually mark the completed tasks. At the end of the day, the site will evaluate the performance of the work. And there are resources that control the activities of office workers and increase the efficiency of processes:

  • - informs the chief about the applications used in the computer during working hours.
  • Pyrus - allows you to identify a deadline violator.
  • DeskTime - keeps track of working hours, displays the real affairs of the employee, his open programs. The program monitors delays, on its basis it is possible to carry out a competent payroll calculation.
  • - helps the boss clearly set a goal and exclude unnecessary initiative of employees.

It is important to remember that as a result of increasing the efficiency of work processes, the organization will experience an economic upswing. Thus, not only will the profits of employees increase, but also opportunities for additional rest will appear.