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Employees are a company’s most valuable, but also the most pernicious, asset. Risks related to human resources, unlike external risk (environmental, political), present a constant threat.

Negligent employees set up fraudulent schemes, steal information, engage in spying, accept kickbacks, and conduct scams. All this is highly detrimental to a company.

Human factor risk minimization is just as important as revenue generation. If the only objective of the company is to make profit, it should be clear that actions taken by unconcerned employees ultimately lead to financial losses.


We provide you with a new MLP concept that proposes a way to prevent money leakage through the monitoring of employee activity and sensitive data usage.

SearchInform is a system to manage any kinds of violations attributable to human factor risks. You will be equipping your clients with specific innovative Risk Management tools.

The list of services our partners provide to clients all over the world are as follows:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Data leak prevention
  • IP protection
  • Disloyal employee detection
  • Risk group delineation
  • Corporate fraud (detection/prevention/investigation)
  • Employee productivity measurement
  • In-depth investigation
  • Data-at-rest discovery
  • Abnormal behavior detection
  • Human behavior analysis
  • Sensitive data encryption


The system has over 100 preconfigured reports that show user statistics in visual format. Apart from statistical ones, various other reports provide details on employee performance (arriving early or late at work, and so on).

Corporate fraud detection specialists can use relational graphs and content routing reports in their investigations.


A training package providing the service provider’s employees with instruction on how to work with the SearchInform products is included in the scope of the license agreement. SearchInform experts will help you configure the system, answer your questions at any time during workdays, offer you consultations, tell you how to integrate security policies, provide information on software updates.


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