DLP as a service:

Solution for Managed Security Service Providers

In light of EU GDPR SearchInform is launching the DLP as a service product for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs).

Benefits of DLP as a service for an MSSP

  • DLP as a service mitigates business risks, not the IT risk and it is an easier sale
  • Solution carrying your brand with technology from one of top tier Gartner evaluated DLP providers
  • No upfront cost for MSSP
  • Global delivery model

The complete solution to prevent data leaks for MSSP-managed accounts:

  • Enterprise-grade DLP tailored to the requirements of small and medium enterprise monitoring service
  • Fast deployment of the service on your client premises
  • Coherent set of pre-installed policies and pre-set tools to identify various types of fraud
  • Easy to use admin panel with rights management functionality.
  • Best in class channel coverage
  • Full flexibility and follow-on sales with modular structure of the solution
  • High service levels and year over year productivity improvements

MSSP clients get

  • Fast compliance with EU GDPR and local data protection regulations
  • High ROI for your clients with low or no upfront capex, fast improved employee productivity and efficiency

Technical support for MSSPs

  • Required tools & technologies.
  • Operation support, product expertise and privacy expertise.
  • Deployment templates.
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