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Notifiable Privacy Breaches


What is required to do if a data breach incident somehow takes place?

Compliance Personal data DLP

Healthcare Cyber Attacks


What makes healthcare organizations a popular target for cyber attacks?

Compliance Personal data ransomware

How much can a GDPR breach cost you?


Non-compliance could cost companies dearly

Compliance Risk management Personal data



Regulatory internet data laws you should be aware of and maintain compliance with

Compliance Personal data Confidential documents

Internet privacy laws and regulations


One of the greatest challenges in the world today is making the Internet a secure place.

Compliance Database Risk management

Compliance issues in the workplace


One of the ways that companies are gaining more success and reducing crime is through compliance issue management – compliance on all policy, in a broad spectrum of areas.

Compliance Risk assessment Risk management

Fundamentals of IS | Fundamentals of IS. data protection


The founder of cybernetics Norbert Wiener believed that information has the unique characteristics and cannot be described as neither energy nor matter. A special status of information as a phenomenon resulted in a proliferation of definitions.

Compliance Risk management Internal threat

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