What is confidential information and how does it affect your finances?


There is an edifying example, which proves common knowledge that there is many a slip ‘twixt cup and lip.

Confidential documents Compliance Personal data

Use case: user behavior and insider detection


Insider threat is a tough and quirky menace to track down and pin.

Confidential documents Investigation Internal audit

Use case: eDiscovery


Proper information governance facilitates data search and analysis required for internal investigation.

Confidential documents Investigation Internal audit

Use case: file cleanup


In order to transform disorganized data into valuable insights you certainly need a powerful tool, which will assist you in file analysis ensuring frequent information verification.

Confidential documents Personal data Internal audit

Data protection


Business processes are migrating into a virtual environment, and companies have long started to keep e-document flow while introducing new management technologies.

Confidential documents Messengers, social media, apps Risk management

IS Worldwide | The problems of information security in the world


By information security, we mean a set of organizational and technical measures to ensure the protection, integrity, accessibility and manageability of data arrays.

Confidential documents Risk management Internal threat