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(In)secure post New Year digest: “temporary” failures, corporate insider and data on everyone


The time has come to discuss what happened while we were on a vacation.

Database Employee monitoring Insider

Database Monitor access control management


SearchInform Database Monitor is a database activity monitoring software, which purpose is to mitigate an insider breach.

Database Employee monitoring Risk management

Data Protection in the Cloud


Security innovations and strict compliance are key in achieving the utmost security for your cloud data.

Database Cloud Risk management

How to detect suspicious activity in databases till information gets exported


As SearchInform releases Database Monitor we want to detail the way to use the DAM solution so that violating access rights and making changes to sensitive documents become transparent for those responsible for risk mitigation and data protection.

Database Confidential documents Personal data

Database access audit


The solution for protection of information stored in databases monitors data export and user requests and alerts to any change

Database Employee monitoring Confidential documents

Access control


We all know very well that companies have their secrets as to the way they operate and that companies are always interested in the state of their security and potential losses

Database DLP Internal audit

What is data at rest?


Under the conditions of today’s digital climate, sooner or later your information will eventually find its way into the wrong hands.

Database Employee monitoring Confidential documents

Personal data leakage


The risk management department noticed that one of the dentists of the state clinic used to send to his personal email cards with health data.

Database Email Employee monitoring

Leakage of a customer database


A security policy response attracted the attention of the risk managers responsible for monitoring to the abnormal activity of an employee who accessed the customer databases that include the information on individuals.

Database Confidential documents

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