What is a DLP system? How do active DLP systems work in 2019?


Although everyone is aware of risks that their data could be stolen, this is only the beginning of the IT risks companies must safeguard themselves from.

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Configuring DLP system


The installation of a DLP system can be managed even by a novice system administrator. However, its fine-tuning requires some skills and experience.

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Protection Against Information Leaks | Organization the protection of information from leakage through technical channels


We reviewed the results of the study related to the leakage of financial and other corporate confidential information.

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How to Choose a DLP System


The global market of information security tools offers a wide range of DLP systems (Data Leak Prevention). And the demand for them is only growing.

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DLP systems | What is a DLP system, and how does it work?


As of today, the market of DLP systems is one of the fastest growing among all markets of information security tools.

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Concept of DLP Systems | What is a DLP system?


DLP software is used to protect confidential data from internal threats. However, even if information security specialists adopted protection tools and use them against external violators, struggle with internal violators is more challenging.


Integration of DLP Systems | Integration of DLP Systems in the company


DLP (Data Leak Prevention) is a comprehensive software product to prevent theft, modification and dissemination of confidential information. DLP-system monitor all the traffic within a protected corporate network.

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