How to tell the difference between a phishing email and a real one?


Don't become a phisher’s target, it's avoidable.

Email Risk management Personal data

Social engineering prevention


When cyber criminals target organizations, their target normally is people themselves, because they can be manipulated. 70 to 90 percent of data breaches occur as a result of social engineering.

Email Risk assessment Human factor

Email monitoring


As much as companies try to foster a culture of positivity in the corporate environment, put all sorts of system limitations in place, and emphasize strict company policy to keep employees from engaging in things they shouldn’t be doing, fraud still goes on, and it is rampant, hence the demand for email monitoring.

Email Human factor Fraud

Using personal mailbox


A car center employee was caught sending sensitive data from corporate to personal email.

Email Confidential documents Risk management

Attempt to leak tender documentation


The results of the monitoring revealed that the employee was ordered to send the document to this email address by his manager.

Email Confidential documents Investigation