Morrisons' implication has been ruled out


And the company might “set precedent”, according to The Telegraph

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Five Sectors That Benefit Most from Employee Monitoring Software


Improvements in technology have radically changed the way we work

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2019: trends and breaches


This autumn, experts have counted 5183 data breaches around the world compromising 7.9 billion records, and 2019 was claimed to be the worst in the history of data leakage.

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Wanted: who is the most dangerous employee in a bank?


They all work with different information, dealing with data at rest and data in use, have their own tasks and use specific instruments.

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Employee monitoring issues


Business ethics are the contemporary norms, set of values, and principles guiding the actions and behavior of employees at the companies they work for from a legal and moral standpoint.

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Employment of friends and relatives


The Sales Department had not been fulfilling a plan for three months. The reasons were unobvious: it was a business season, and there were no issues with the discipline and skills of the employees, but the number of deals has decreased.

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Web activity monitoring


In the technology era in which employers are looking to squeeze everything out of their employees that they can and optimize business efficiency to the max, a plethora of process optimization industries have sprouted up that offer to facilitate businesses’ success.

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User activity monitoring


The more that a company knows about its workers, the more it can harness that knowledge to propel the business’ success to the next level. Employers do not want to leave productivity up to chance.

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Search for a new job


An employee was viewing vacancies on his corporate computer and receiving invitations to job interviews sent by business competitors. A company's risk manager detected the suspicious activity and took the employee under control.

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What is Employee Monitoring Software or Employee Tracking System?


Do you know what your employees are up to? Businesses are well aware that gaining a good understanding of what their employees are up to can work wonders in raising their work efficiency.

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