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Resonant cases of data leakages in APAC region


There is a step change taking place in the number of data-related incidents and that is critical.

Employee monitoring

MSSP Business Model


What is MSSP? When and for whom is it helpful?

Employee monitoring Risk management Compliance

Recent Security Breaches


Young employees, zero trust security and other security breach risks.

Employee monitoring ransomware Third party

Las Top 5 de las acciones que debe tomar el CEO para mejorar la ciberseguridad y aumentar la confianza de los empleados en la empresa


Las Top 5 de las acciones que debe tomar el CEO para mejorar la ciberseguridad y aumentar la confianza de los empleados en la empresa

Employee monitoring Risk assessment User behavior

Top 5 actions to be taken by CEO to increase cybersecurity


Top 5 actions to be taken by CEO to increase cybersecurity and employee trust in the company

Employee monitoring Risk assessment User behavior

Is the system really hidden on an endpoint? All about invisible DLP control and where its cloak of invisibility loses powers


The DLP doesn’t function in a hidden mode for nothing: on the one hand, it doesn’t interfere with the work of respectable employees, on the other hand, it helps to catch insiders off guard.

Employee monitoring Risk management DLP

Fraudsters won’t miss a chance — what threats to people and business remain in 2021


The “Roaring 20s” is no longer a euphemism from the last century, in the 21st the new decade also began loudly.

Employee monitoring Risk assessment Risk management

(In)Secure digest: default passwords, sensitive info for free, and phisher salary.


Every month we collect "classic" and non-trivial incidents on Infosecurity across the world and in Russia in particular. Here is our first digest for 2021.

Employee monitoring Fraud Risk management

FAQ: Frequently Asked and Finally Answered


15 questions the monitoring solution developer responds to during seminars.

Employee monitoring Productivity Cloud

How much can a former employee cost you?


Keeping the accounts of dismissed employees active and failing to revoke excessive rights might be one of the biggest mistakes a company can make.

Employee monitoring Confidential documents Compliance

Rights and wrongs when creating profile


How can you analyse employee personality and steer clear of breaching privacy?

Employee monitoring Personal data Compliance

Key features of employee monitoring software


Are you sure that your employees do not goof off? Are you sure your employees are not idling away precious hours of productivity they rather spend on work-related tasks?

Employee monitoring Risk assessment Personal data

The CIA and its major security incident


This year the processing of the court case considering the employee who breached the CIA's data in 2016 to WikiLeaks has been resumed

Employee monitoring Risk assessment Confidential documents

How to measure the performance of remote and onsite employees


Going remote is a challenge, and work discipline might “shiver”. There is a chance that as soon as employees put on slippers and robes they will feel too comfortable and that will impact the quality of their performance.

Employee monitoring DLP Risk management

Server performance monitoring


In order for a website to operate, a database to be accessed from a distance, or e-mails to be facilitated, there must be a server to power this process.

Employee monitoring Risk management Internal audit

Common unethical business practices


We live in a world full of risks and individuals who are willing to do others harm when an opportunity for personal gain presents itself.

Employee monitoring Fraud Insider

Risk management in healthcare


Our health information is a private issue. For a number of reasons, people’s health information being shared could result in negative consequences.

Employee monitoring Risk management Confidential documents

Project management tools


Project management software also provides us a range of benefits, from scheduling events to creating project plans, and there are certain methods and tools that, if taken into account, provide a multitude of benefits and evade numerous risks that make it worth obtaining

Employee monitoring Productivity User behavior

Employee time tracking


On both fronts, time tracking software stands to render the lives of employees and employers much easier.

Employee monitoring DLP Productivity

Employee monitoring software: is it illegal?


The first question one might ponder is: “Is it illegal to monitor employees’ computers?” The issue of employee monitoring has become a bit of a contested topic in recent years.

Employee monitoring Remote employees DLP

Morrisons' implication has been ruled out


And the company might “set precedent”, according to The Telegraph

Employee monitoring Fraud Insider

Five sectors that benefit most from employee monitoring software


Improvements in technology have radically changed the way we work

Employee monitoring Human factor Risk management

2019: trends and breaches


This autumn, experts have counted 5183 data breaches around the world compromising 7.9 billion records, and 2019 was claimed to be the worst in the history of data leakage.

Employee monitoring Former employees Personal data

Wanted: who is the most dangerous employee in a bank?


They all work with different information, dealing with data at rest and data in use, have their own tasks and use specific instruments.

Employee monitoring User behavior Personal data

Employee monitoring issues


Business ethics are the contemporary norms, set of values, and principles guiding the actions and behavior of employees at the companies they work for from a legal and moral standpoint.

Employee monitoring Productivity

Employment of friends and relatives


The Sales Department had not been fulfilling a plan for three months. The reasons were unobvious: it was a business season, and there were no issues with the discipline and skills of the employees, but the number of deals has decreased.

Employee monitoring Risk assessment Internal threat

Web activity monitoring


In the technology era in which employers are looking to squeeze everything out of their employees that they can and optimize business efficiency to the max, a plethora of process optimization industries have sprouted up that offer to facilitate businesses’ success.

Employee monitoring Productivity

User activity monitoring


The more that a company knows about its workers, the more it can harness that knowledge to propel the business’ success to the next level. Employers do not want to leave productivity up to chance.

Employee monitoring Productivity Risk management

Search for a new job


An employee was viewing vacancies on his corporate computer and receiving invitations to job interviews sent by business competitors. A company's risk manager detected the suspicious activity and took the employee under control.

Employee monitoring Productivity Insider

What is Employee Monitoring Software or Employee Tracking System?


Do you know what your employees are up to? Businesses are well aware that gaining a good understanding of what their employees are up to can work wonders in raising their work efficiency.

Employee monitoring Productivity User behavior

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