Mobile device encryption


Businesses realized the important role devices play as long ago as 2004, thus giving rise to mobile device management, a set of tools and practices that allow administrators to manage devices, apps, and increase device security.

Encryption Devices Risk management

Data at rest encryption


Whether your data encryption is on your computer, a flash drive, on a cloud, or includes your entire disc, proper encryption and management are essential to keep your resources and data safe and ensure that you maintain compliance.

Encryption Database Risk management

Data security and data encryption in business


Encryption involves a plain text being coded into “encrypted” form using a cipher text and then being “decrypted” with a cipher text by the recipient on the other end.

Encryption Cloud

Attempt to leak the local network topology


The risk management department spotted one of the lawyers copying the document with the schemes of local networks and communication of the company to the personal flash drive.

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