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Implementation department specialists' workdays: millions of questions and the requirement to know literally everything


Implementation department employees can help customers to quickly manage to work with our solutions and benefit as much as possible from the software usage.

Risk management Human factor DLP

Risks of neural networks and chat bots usage


SearchInform expert reveals artificial intelligence usage related risks and shares advice on how to mitigate them.

Human factor Risk management Machine learning

More than half of companies limit their protection with nominal information security literacy


A research on how companies prefer to train employees in information security and what methods do they implement

Human factor Compliance Risk management

Cybersecurity Statistics


Numerous cybersecurity issues: serious threats to businesses

Human factor ransomware Risk management

Cybersecurity Report


The biggest challenges and greatest threats in IT security.

Human factor ransomware Employee monitoring

Emerging Cyber Threats


An overview of cyber threats, endangering companies and organizations worldwide in 2022.

Human factor Fraud Insider

New concept of organization’s security


It seems that the time has come to elaborate new approach to the concept of organization security

Internal audit Human factor User behavior

(In)secure digest: Tesla sabotage, hospital blackmailer and excessively patriotic President


Every month we enrich our collection of classic and non-trivial cybersecurity cases. Data leaks, frauds, sabotage, and other incidents caused by insiders are of our interest.

Human factor Risk management Confidential documents

Extremist activity in the team


The department head noticed that an employee’s work had changed for the worse.

Human factor Employee monitoring

How to digitize human factor


Prevention is the key process of incident management – it is better to discover reasons and sources of a possible security breach than to fight consequences. Potential insiders are not easy to detect, and general data safety approach including basic instruments are not sufficient to reveal a violator.

Human factor User behavior Internal threat

Identifying terror threats


The correspondence of employees in the corporate chat was intercepted. The employees were discussing the war in Syria, and one of them spoke negatively of Russia’s role in the conflict.

Human factor Employee monitoring Risk assessment

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