Major fraud cases in healthcare revealed this year


Pfizer discovers an insider working for a competitor, whereas Genentech hit the news with a deep-rooted story months ago.

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Insider check: could you be damage to your company?


The test will define you as a certain type of insider. Remember: any employee could become a culprit of a leak, however, circumstances are different. We don’t mean to pretend “scientific”, we intend to make this test entertaining and informative.

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How to stop hackers


Hacking isn’t quite as flashy as in the movies and it takes a major time investment on the criminal’s part, however it is every bit as damaging and threatening to companies as it is portrayed

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Insider threat statistics


A company having its secrets and confidential information stolen, its funds robbed, or damage caused to it is an ever-present threat that companies may take appropriate measures to avoid.

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Insider threat tools


While all the hype about unknown threats breaching a company’s privacy, stealing its confidential information and company secrets, purposefully inflicting damage to its public image, and robbing it of its funds is worth keeping in mind to protect against, the losses that would result from that actually occurring are not as great as most people believe.

Insider Employee monitoring Fraud

Illegal business arrangements


Employees can create their own legal entities that will interact with an employer company. For example, fraudsters can use their job positions and promote their own enterprise as a counterparty and at the same time offer disadvantageous terms and conditions of cooperation.

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