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Cybersecurity Investigations


What is required to conduct a cybersecurity investigation

Investigation Insider Risk assessment

(In) Secure digest: the hit parade of the most comical infosecurity incidents


The most comical infosecurity incidents to laugh and learn from it. Enjoy, but tread carefully!

Investigation Fraud Human factor

User activity audit, investigation


There are so many contextual factors to sift through that actually finding the newest threat and eliminating it is an encumbering job.

Investigation Internal audit Risk assessment

Life changing risks pentesters take to help you boost security (cont.)


The very courthouse that they broke into last night and now they’re sitting in the courthouse waiting to see the judge.

Investigation Risk assessment Third party

Social engineering attacks


With how connected the Internet is today, a lot of information that we couldn’t afford to share is potentially within the grasp of the most inventive malicious predators online.

Investigation Personal data Risk management

HR investigations


Although the primary function of a human resources department is to recruit and train personnel, there are many situations in the workplace that HR has to deal with, including ethics breaches and company policy violations.

Investigation Employee monitoring Human factor

Computer forensics


When you discover that your enterprise has been victimized by cybercrime or breached, your first thought is to seek out the origin of the crime.

Investigation Human factor

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