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(In)Secure Digest: The Case of Classic Phishing Attack, Scammers Among the Team and the Dangerous Vulnerability


In this November digest we gathered interesting and illustrative incidents related to data leaks, fraud and hacks.

Personal data Fraud Former employees

(In)Secure Digest: a Leak via Contractor, Hack of Airline and Case of Corporate Fraud


At the end of the month, traditionally, we’ve  gathered a selection of high-profile IS incidents.

Personal data Insider Former employees

(In)Secure Digest: Pizza Lovers' Data Theft, a Million-dollar Fine and Aircraft Suppliers’ Data Leak


It's time for the traditional monthly review of "classic" and non-trivial IS incidents reported by the media.

Personal data Insider Internal threat

(In)Secure digest: “shadowy” Amazon, de-anonymization of Northern Ireland police officers and pseudo-hackers


Plenty of confidential data related incidents happened this month: in Australia, the data of participants in a cybersecurity survey was inadvertently disclosed, in Northern Ireland data on all police officers was disclosed, and in India, an employee was caught leaking data (once again).

Personal data Insider Fraud

(In)Secure Digest: theft of national secrets, a rogue VPN, and a fine for security guards' curiosity


Here's our monthly roundup of noteworthy information security incidents from June.

Personal data Internal threat Former employees

PCI certification


PCI DSS and PCI Certification: All You Need to Know

Personal data Compliance Confidential documents

(In)secure digest: enormous data leaks and insider’s revelations


The time has come to discuss major data realted incidents, which happened in February.

Personal data Confidential documents Database

in(Secure) digest: stellar social engineering, exposed servers and giants under attacks


The most resonant information security incidents in our October digest: Toyota’s contractor exposed part of the code, an undercover astronaut, Australian companies experiencing cyberattacks, a massive Microsoft clients’ data leak.

Personal data

Leaked Credit Card


The most significant cases.

Personal data Third party Email

(In)secure digest: the smell of data leaks, deep fake in the Zoom and an option of becoming the nobility member for only €1000


In August many employees are still on a vacation, however, this doesn’t refer to fraudsters, judicial and law enforcement system representatives. In our traditional digest among other you’ll find – one more shot in the foot and another example of peoples’ craving for a fairy tale.

Personal data Fraud Human factor

Data breaches analysis


SearchInform analysed breaches that occurred in the first half of 2020.

Personal data Risk management Compliance

Businesses’ role in cyber security and threat prevention


The financial service company sector is targeted more than any other industry, as attacks against them account for over a quarter of cyberattacks.

Personal data Compliance DLP

To be applied... New apps, new laws


Will the privacy limits be reconsidered? Dedigitisation as utopia

Personal data Messengers, social media, apps Devices

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