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A "remote" reminder


Don't set it loose when it comes to data security

Remote employees DLP Risk management

Reducing risks and staying alright


Providing your employees with guidance

Remote employees Employee monitoring User behavior

How do crisis and stress affect your team?


The need to transfer employees to remote work appeared to be one of the reasons to get stressed - businesses have to make such a transition to avoid losses and try to keep it going for as long as required.

Remote employees Employee monitoring Human factor

Have companies managed to shift to remote work?


SearchInform has conducted a research on companies’ experience in shifting to remote work and keeping business processes going.

Remote employees Employee monitoring Risk management

Software security and efficiency


With all of the programs the ordinary user has installed on his computer, users are frequently proposed to have a software update performed.

Remote employees DLP Employee monitoring

As businesses keep staying remote


The insight into key threats and brief reminder why you shouldn't set it loose.

Remote employees Employee monitoring Risk management

Remote work: the way of the future?


Nobody would deny that the world is going digital. Like it or not, things are becoming ever more automated as technology facilitates business processes to an ever larger degree.

Remote employees Employee monitoring Productivity

Indispensable services during lockdown


Solutions we use for remote working and industries we need for isolated living

Remote employees Cloud Devices

Remote work creates tendencies


Is your business among them?

Remote employees Cloud Productivity

Remote employee monitoring


As of late, there has been a great rise in employers’ desire to keep as close an eye on their employees as possible and analyze their activities in-depth to achieve the best idea of the level of their performance and the degree to which they are complying with policy.

Remote employees Employee monitoring Productivity

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