I resolve to… leave those security errors for good in 2021


The resolutions for businesses to begin the New Year without old mistakes finally cleaning up the awareness mess which never seems to be untangled

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Outsourcing the role of information security officer


A piece of insight into infosec as an MSSP solution

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(In) Secure digest: the science of information security, death cyberattack, and bank leaks


We collected "classic" and non-trivial incidents reported by foreign media

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Life changing risks pentesters take to help you boost security


Conducting a penetration test on a courthouse and defending in front of a judge in the same building a few hours after – this is what happened to two pentesters working under contract.

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Main aspects of information security


Corporate security is not a new phenomenon. What we now understand as corporate security has existed since the emergence of trade. Merchants sought to protect their professional secrets from competitors in order not to lose profits.

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Risk assessment matrices


With the plethora of risks that accompany running a business, it is much more practical to have everything organized in written form or, better yet, in the form of diagrams for a concrete, concise representation of which risks the company faces as well as the severity of them.

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