How to surf the flow of information security events: use SIEM system correctly


Security Information and Event Management works on the principle of video surveillance. Cameras stand for connectors that collect data from hardware and software, whereas the object of the surveillance is an IT infrastructure featuring PCs, network devices, and servers. When configured properly, SIEM simplifies the monitoring of information security. How to organize the work, what to control first, and how to respond to incidents? - we will answer these questions using the example of SearchInfo

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The Darwin Awards in Information Security World


...or 7 stories about stupidity, careless work, credulity and their consequences

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Ensuring security and compliance in multi-departmental teams


As different departments have their own specific risk management frameworks they lack correlation and coordination - enterprise risk management ensures consistency.

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Use case: access control and change management


The solution boosts risk assessment ensuring that access rights are properly managed and privileged user activity is under control, data access policies are in place and kept updated.

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The information security team


Cyber criminals are working very hard to discover top-secret company information in order to sabotage it or sell the information to other companies.

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The rise of virtual private networks


Everyone is well aware that criminals on the internet are becoming savvier every day.

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Staying ahead of malware


With all the benefits that the worldwide connectivity of the Internet offers, so too come the vulnerabilities.

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As businesses keep staying remote. Use cases


Which instruments can be installed and how do they help?

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Risk management


No matter what you do in life, there are always risks. And this is a good thing, because without risk, there is no potential reward.

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How to max out SearchInform services


Do you consider launching comprehensive monitoring of your internal business processes and even reinvent business continuity management strategy but aren’t sure you want to delve into risk management program and hire extra staff, assign your specialists to the new job and purchase the system to integrate it with your business architecture and implement all the control? If you do – read and learn how to establish a smoothly supervized workflow and not to the detriment of your primary activities.

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Risk management matrix


We take risks every day, from the moment we wake up until we go to bed at night, as they are a normal part of life.

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Security risk management assessments


Security risk assessments are performed for the purpose of identifying, evaluating, and prioritizing risks associated with a company’s use and operation of information systems to its operations and assets.

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Business continuity


Considering the significant amount of money most people have invested in their businesses, it is important that the full rewards of it can be reaped.

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What is Risk Mitigation Strategy? Define Risk Evaluation Plan


To define risk mitigation, let us first specify what risk is. “Risk” is the possibility of loss. Thus, risk mitigation entails a concentrated effort to reduce adverse effects.

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What is Risk Management? Solutions, Strategies, Services & Tools


Anyone who has ever been involved in business knows that there is risk everywhere. What is risk management?

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Information Security Incident Management | IS Incident Management


The system of data leakage protection is based, above all, on the detection, prevention, registration and mitigation of information security incidents or events that violate regulated procedures.

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Methods to Protect Information | Methods and Tools for Data Protection


Computer data is prone both to loss due to malfunction or destruction of equipment, and to theft. Protection methods include the use of hardware and devices, as well as specialized technical tools with software.

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