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Adobe to Pay Million Dollar Fine for Three-Year-Old Data Leak


Back to news The Attorney Office of North Carolina announced a deal with the Adobe Systems company, according to which the software developer will have to pay a fine of one million dollars for the data leakage that the company allowed to happen in 2013. Three years ago, the Adobe servers underwent the attack. The servers stored customer information, including user names, home and email addresses, telephone numbers, as well as encrypted data on bank cards numbers and  expiration dates. A total of 552 thousands cards of clients from 15 states were compromised. In a joint lawsuit the authorities accused Adobe Systems of the fact that the company did not use all available tools to protect the information and did not to take any actions to detect the attack in a timely manner.
“Criminals and hackers are seeking to get our personal and financial data, so business and government must do more to protect them. If your data is at threat of leakage, you need to act quickly,” said North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper.

The Attorney Office hopes that this punishment for the incident at Adobe Systems will teach a lesson to other companies and they will become more serious about information security issues and strengthen the user data protection.

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