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NAB faces two major data breaches in three years


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About 13,000 clients have had their details disclosed to a third party. Two data services companies got access to customers’ names and contact details.

Among the breached data there were government-issued identification numbers including drivers’ licences.

Third party services who work with the National Australia Bank and who received the confidential details have ensured that all the misaddressed data was deleted. The bank reports that no data misuse has been observed so far.

The bank has recently informed 70% of impacted customers.

The statement says that the data security policies have been breached.

A properly configured set of monitoring tools provides you with an ongoing control and alerts to violations against policies. The human factor is trackable, and reason for a breach can be identified as the incident ossurs. The comprehensive solution supplies you with a versatile report system which allows you to see user activity.

It is already the second massive leak of personal data at National Australia Bank in three years. Two years ago the bank dispatched sensitive information of 60,000 clients to an adult websites host due to the human factor.

NAB is going to sponsor re-issuing of government identification and invest in fraud detection identification instruments integration.

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