Half of respondents are more cautious about personal data usage than a year ago


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More than 4,000 people were surveyed, and 49% claimed that they became more cautious and discreet about where their personal data resided and who might use it.

55% of those who participated in the study stated that they would refuse to purchase services from a company which share their personal information with third parties disregarding the lack of permissions to do so. And a comparatively lower number of people – 27% – put a data breach as a major repellent which would make them think twice before becoming or staying a client of an affected company.

81% of respondents are sure that they would cease online interaction with brands which compromised their data – that would contribute to decrease in loyalty and general support of these companies.

The number is high because 63% of all the respondents actually believe that a company should be responsible for their customer data safety.

Only 28% of the surveyed admit to not being worried about privacy while using social media.