Former employees took company's security issue to court


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The employees, now both former, have sued Navistar company for the lack of information security instruments and data protection measures as well as for disregard and deliberate inaction regarding the introduction of tools and techniques ensuring data safety.

According to the plaintiffs, the necessary steps weren’t made by the company, thus giving way to cybercriminals who attack the corporate system back in May.

Names, medical details, social security numbers, driver’s license are the data which got compromised jeopardising employees’ privacy, making them potential victims of identity thieves, taking their time which is not have to be spent on remedy and recovery measures.

Don't hesitate to introduce the needed solutions as soon as possible, as facing a breach won't take long. Remember to pay attention to moods and communication in your team, many of the human-related incidents as well as disgruntlment can be prevented, and the healthy corporate culture - saved.


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