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Monitor user requests, prevent
data breaches and audit database activity

Control privileged user access rights

Database monitor

What is Database Monitor?

Database Monitor is a DAM (Database Activity Monitoring) solution for automated monitoring and audit of operations on databases and business applications

Why should databases be controlled?

Unauthorised access or changes to information in corporate databases threatens a company with profit decrease, regulatory fines and deterioration of business reputation

Examples of incidents which Database Monitor detects

After a conflict with a manager an employee removed details concerning a company’s turnover, contractors and financial information stored in a corporate database.

Before a dismissal a chief accountant of a manufacturer uploaded to a flash drive all the accounting data within a reporting period.

Subcontractor employee hacked a database of a telecommunication company and copied customers’ personal data for sale.

Learn how to protect sensitive information

Data Protection in 4 Steps

Learn how to protect sensitive information

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How does Database Monitor help your business?

The software logs all queries to databases and responses and check the collected information against introduced rules – security policies. In case they get violated the solution notifies specialists responsible for risk mitigation within a company.

User requests

User requests to a database and system response

Database Monitor tracks:

  • direct queries to databases (from system administrators);
  • queries to databases via business apps;
  • downloading a big amount of information from databases
  • trade secret, personal data, clients’ information downloading;
  • changes made to databases (removal, creation, editing).

Analytical capabilities

The solution indexes requests to databases automatically and makes them available for search and analysis. There are various search options – by phrases, by attributes, by types of queries. They can be combined if search parameters are specified. Database Monitor generates reports in real time based on collected data.

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Dashboard with widgets data in which is updated in real time

Reports display:

  • query and operation statistics
  • user requests to a database
  • relevant database list
  • activity of application accounts which have access to databases
  • suspicious activity of some user account (too many queries, downloading large files)

Database Monitor integration with other
SearchInform products

Implementing the solution together with DLP, SIEM, FileAuditor, ProfileCenter allows you to inquire into an incident, conduct investigation and gather evidence.

Unified interface ensures access to events detected by different products simplifying the specialist’s job as much as possible.

Deployment of SearchInform products as a bundle provides you with a comprehensive approach to personal data protection.

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