Forensic Suite:

–°orporate fraud protection

SearchInform offers a tool for complex protection from thefts, bribery, client enticement and other types of imposture inside a company.

Forensic Suite will make work flow transparent and help analyse employees activity in real time. You will succeed in detecting violations, investigating them, identifying involved parties and preventing fraud. It will help save money and protect company's good name.


Working with people bears a risk a priori: today employees stand with your company, and tomorrow they will start "playing" for their own benefit, for example, making extra money on the side at work, stealing clients or making purchases through relatives at a higher price. They can do it being blackmailed, taking a revenge, for profit or other benefit. As a result, a company earns less than it could or even experiences loses.



To protect business from the human factor, Forensic Suite:

  • Controls human behavior
  • Shows a true picture of the current situation
  • Helps investigate suspicious actions of employees
  • Allows collecting violation evidence base


  • Revelation of kickback schemes. Employees can promote interests of clients or contractors, that are not good for the company, for own profit from a deal.
  • Revelation of side schemes of sales. Employees can establish own legal entities and through them sell the needed products thrice the price. As a result, the company spends more and, in addition, pays a salary to the fraudster who manages own business during working hours.
  • Identification and control of group risks. Gamblers can steal to pay off a debt, alcoholics can lose composure and skip work, ideological extremists can influence and push the colleagues to acts of violence. To foresee and prevent such incidents, one needs to control behaviour of employees who are included in risk groups.
  • Control of gossips and rumours, identification of opinion leaders. Disloyal employees can set the staff against the management and even provoke collective resignations. To deal with the loyalty of employees, one should control moods in the team.
  • Control of dissemination of negative opinions about a company. Angry employees can leave damaging reviews and spoil the company's reputation. But the employer can promptly learn about such attacks and react to them in a right way.
  • Control of employment of acquaintances and family members. Such employees can be promoted to managing positions to get bonuses in the future or they can be employed for regular jobs and treated indulgently. Either way it violates discipline and undermines efficiency.

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  • ProgramController: You will track in what programs employees work and what websites they visit. You will find out who really works and who gives the impression of working.
  • FileController: You will check up on all operations of employees with files: what they open, edit, copy, print, send, and delete. It presents details of each operation: to whom, when, where, why.
  • MonitorController: You will check what is going on the screens of your employees right now (connecting to a PC) or what was going on before (viewing a recording).
  • CameraController: You will see who works at the right computer connecting to a webcam in real-time mode or will see photos and watch videos that the system took and recorded before.
  • MicrophoneController: You will listen to employees' conversations connecting to a PC now or listen to an audio recording. It functions when an employee is at the computer, and it doesn't matter whether the employee is in the office or on a business trip.
  • Keylogger: You will get all logins and passwords necessary for investigation, as well as information that employees copy to the clipboard.
  • DocumentPathController: tracks operation with confidential documents: detects the source of leakage, distributors, those who read leaked documents and those who edited or sent them outside. It makes transmission of a document and the employees accessing it transparent.
  • Relations Chart: keeps track of all communications among colleagues, as well as the people outside the company. It demonstrates who, to whom and by what channels sent messages, as well as how many of them were sent.
  • Hardware and Software Inventory: performs software audit, including installation, uninstallation and missing software; and hardware audit - installation, removal and connection of hardware. It protects companies from virus epidemics caused by installation of suspicious or uninstallation of needed software. It simplifies inventory of hardware and helps prevent theft inside a company.
  • Investigation Management Console: is a tool for conducting investigations. It includes over 200 algorithms for filtering and searching for sensitive data in the archive and allows reconstructing any event that takes place in a company.

Forensic Suite is an analytical tool, and its operation is automated. It means that the system does not just log actions of employees, it also performs audit, points out to suspicious incidents, and helps investigate them. Let Forensic Suite prove its efficiency – ask for a demo.