SearchInform DLP:

Data loss prevention

Product Advantages

  • Installation takes only 2-3 hours

    Installation of SearchInform DLP can be carried out by your own IT staff. This way you don’t need to disclose your internal documents to the technical support team.

  • Deployment without work process interruption

    The SearchInform DLP system installation does not require any changes in the existing local network structure. Hence, the software deployment will not cause any downtime or changes in established processes.

  • Protects your data outside the office

    SearchInform DLP operates not only at the level of the local network (network egress point) but also at the endpoint level. The system secures your data even if your employees are located in different cities, work from home or use the corporate laptops on business trips.

  • Flexible licensing

    The SearchInform DLP system comprises a number of modules. You don’t have to purchase the full software suite, just pick the required modules.

  • Free 30-day trial

    You can personally try out the product and evaluate its benefits for your business. The free version is not limited in functionality.

  • Continuous Deployment support

    To enhance your information security system performance, SearchInform provides training on SearchInform DLP use. Our experts will help you configure security policies, consult on how to analyze captured data and explain features of new product versions.

Technological Advantages

  • Full integration with the Windows domain structure

    SearchInform DLP unambiguously identifies the user and computer sending data over email, ICQ, or Skype, regardless of the email account, ICQ or account id used.

  • Unlimited investigation capabilities

    SearchInform DLP archives all captured data which allows you to investigate an incident according to brand-new security policies.

  • Visibility into internal and external connections

    SearchInform DLP analyzes internal and external contacts of employees. A detailed graph of interactions enables you to perform internal investigations swiftly and efficiently.

  • Control of employee conversations

    SearchInform DLP performs voice recording by means of any detected microphone (headset, laptop, webcam, etc.) on or off the corporate network. You can search the captured recordings by attributes.  The LiveSound mode allows listening to conversations in real time.

  • Computer screen activity under control

    SearchInform DLP system reveals who views which information on the workstation during work time. SearchInform DLP captures screenshots or video of screen activity and also allows you to monitor screen activity in real time (the LiveView mode).

  • Protection from malicious sysadmin activity

    The system analyzes Active Directory log events to detect suspicious actions performed by the company system administrator: account creation/deletion, privilege escalation/de-escalation, etc.

  • Control of data-at-rest on computers and shared network resources

    With SearchInform DLP, information security officers can track occurrences of sensitive data in locations where such data is not supposed to be.

  • Hardware and software reports

    The system keeps track of software and hardware on corporate workstations and reports about any changes made. The reports facilitate hardware and software inventory tracking, and thus improve IT department performance and protect your company from losses.