Road Show SearchInform 2020 –
Insider Risk and Fraud

February 27, 2020

12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia

Security and risk management leaders must be aware of the increasing concern over employee malfeasance and deploy solutions to discretely gather evidence. Vendors are increasing analytics capabilities, allowing them to not only act as investigative tools but also to alert on high-risk behaviors. *Gartner

SearchInform Teknologi


Advanced Warning is New Insider Threat Prevention

Early detection of insider threats provides options for remediation

  1. Insider threats

    • Types of insider threats and detection challenges
    • Corporate culture – trust and suspicion are to be balanced
    • Insider threat lifecycle and scenarios: prevention, detection, response
  2. Employee monitoring and fraud prevention

    • The impact of insider risks
    • The instruments and techniques to prevent accidental and deliberate violations
    • Comprehensive approach: 5 roles and multiple objectives
      • Internal Control
      • Internal Audit
      • Information Security
      • Risk Management
      • Human Resources
  3. Real life case studies

    • Experience and tactics while protecting your business
    • Practical application
  4. Unconventional tasks for Risk Monitor

    • Relevant policies
    • Incident examples
      • Document forgery, reputation risks
      • Aiding hackers, disclosing sensitive information
      • Fraud, sabotage


Sergey Ozhegov

Sergey Ozhegov

Chief Executive Officer of SearchInform

For over a decade Sergey has been contributing to the company’s success, handling business processes and strategic decision making.

Jim Green

Mario Ivan Romano

Co-Founder of
PT. Tri Kreasi Mandiri Teknologi

Mario possesses extensive knowledge in IT Solutions and Technical services consultation. He is always looking into new technology innovations especially in the Information Security industry and helps his clients meet their ultimate business objectives.

Sergey Ozhegov

Ravindran Vasu

Regional Sales Director at

Ravindran has over 10 years’ experience in Information and Data Security solutions as well as extensive experience in data security consultation and local compliance and regulations in the South-East Asia region.


SearchInform is one of the leading risk management product developers. For over a decade the company has been a technological trailblazer focusing on contemporary cybersecurity threats, protecting business and government institutions against data theft, harmful human behavior, compliance breaches and incomplete audit.

More than 2000 companies across all major economic domains, from banking and retail to machinery and fighter jet manufacturers, count on SearchInform regarding efficient holistic risk management solution defending against ever-improving threats and allowing you to avoid ominous consequences.


PT. Tri Kreasi Mandiri Teknologi was established as IT Company who distributes world-leading brands of Information Technology products. The company is positioned as IT Solution Partner in the sense of focusing on project-based IT Infrastructure and services through Business partner.

A company, directed by its customer, driven by its employees, towards a common goal of providing IT Solution products and services on a daily basis, meeting the demands of a constantly changing global market.


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