Efficient protection of your business from data leaks and their consequences.

Information is one of the critical assets for success and prosperity of any business. An average data leak costs about 5,3 million USD to the information owner.

SearchInform Information Security Perimeter monitors, analyses and controls leaks of sensitive data as well as communication behavior through a fully-fledged product-suite:

  • web browsers
  • e-mail
  • ICQ, Jabber, MSN
  • Skype voice and text messages
  • social networks, forums, and web blogs
  • external devices (USB/CD/DVD)
  • iOS devices
  • laptops, even if disconnected from corporate network
  • printed documents
  • file servers
  • FTP
  • appearance of confidential information on user computers
Unique possibilities to control worktime efficiency of employees

WorktimeMonitor is developed to control worktime efficiency of employees, that is to detect employees who simply waste their time at work. With WorktimeMonitor you will be able to see how much time an employee spends in this or that application. If required, you can also view screenshots to understand what exactly he/she was doing in it. Real time monitoring is also supported (up to 16 computers).

WorktimeMonitor provides statistics on the following:

  • time spent at the workplace;
  • time spent for real work and wasted time;
  • late arrivals and early leaves;
  • applications employees worked with most of the time, and many more.

Automatic notifications will be sent in case of suspicious activity.