SearchInform Risk Monitor provides a comprehensive solution for protecting your business from corporate fraud, employee negligence, sabotage, insider activity and data misuse, all of which damages business assets and causes massive financial loss.

SearchInform Risk Monitor software evaluates whether your policies are relevant and configured in accordance with the risk level, monitors all data transfer channels, manages access control, and provides data visibility.


A multifaceted problem solution is comprised of necessary features to keep your company protected:

  • Manage human-related risks

    Manage human-related risks

  • Measure employee morale

    Measure employee morale

  • Ensure compliance with regulatory updates

    Ensure compliance with regulatory updates

  • Keep track of productivity

    Keep track of productivity

  • Be notified about anomalous events

    Be notified about anomalous events

  • Improve data visibility

    Improve data visibility

  • Prevent unauthorized data transfer

    Prevent unauthorized data transfer

  • Ensure the safety of data at rest

    Ensure the safety of data at rest

  • Detect fraudulent activity

    Detect fraudulent activity


SearchInform Risk Monitor is developed in order to address a wide range of issues that may occur within a company, and to assist Risk Managers, Internal Auditors and C-level executives, as well as Information Security Analysts and Compliance Officers, in implementing their tasks.

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200+ preset policies

The preconfigured policies are ready to work with just as soon as the system is installed. The policies are tailored to various industries, including Energy, Manufacturing, Retail, Insurance, Hospitality, Government, Financial Services, etc. The software includes specific solutions suitable for any business scope and equips different organizations with an optimal framework.

100+ reports

Statistical reports offer you a structured layout and correct details for any requested area of activity monitoring. Investigation reports, such as a relational graph and content routing report, visualize all the connections established via internal and external communication channels, thereby revealing the sources of distributed information.

The SearchInform Risk Monitor system will provide you with tools for:

Intelligent risk analytics

Intelligent risk

Human factor management

Human factor

Liability monitoring


Current threat level assessment

Current threat level

Retrospective investigation


Capturing employee onscreen activity

Capturing employee
onscreen activity

Data transfer control

Data transfer

Policy violation

violation discovery

Fraud detection