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Smooth integration of IS tools
for corporate assets protection


All the tools and features you need to keep your company protected and solve the most complex monitoring issues.


    Manage human-related risks


    Measure employee morale


    Ensure regulatory compliance


    Track productivity


    Receive alerts on suspicious events


    Improve data visibility


    Prevent unauthorized data transfer


    Ensure the safety of data at rest


    Detect fraudulent activity


SearchInform Risk Monitor addresses a wide range of problems that occur within a company. The solution helps Risk Managers, Internal Auditors and C-level executives, as well as Information Security Analysts and Compliance Officers in their day-to-day job.

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300+ preset policies

The preconfigured policies are ready to work with just as soon as the system is installed. The policies are tailored to various industries, including Energy, Manufacturing, Retail, Insurance, Hospitality, Government, Financial Services, etc. The software includes specific solutions suitable for any business scope and equips different organizations with an optimal framework.

100+ reports

Statistical reports offer you a structured layout and correct details for any requested area of activity monitoring. Investigation reports, such as a relational graph and content routing report, visualize all the connections established via internal and external communication channels, thereby revealing the sources of distributed information.


Sebastian G.

Team Leader
Information Services


Reviewed: November 12, 2019

“All in one on security”

In first place look up the We can improve end user performance knowing their daily behaivor. First the system seems complicated, but with the use one quickly and intuitively start using it without problems.

Totally transparent to the end user With two click you can tack everything the user did with the information

Heric M.

Information Security Consulting
Information Technology and Services


Reviewed: November 13, 2019


The search inform risk monitoring is a very impressive tool. I have never seen a tool which can collect so many data from a computer and organize in a way to be clear about what was made in the hosts. It is pretty useful to proof actions that were made by internal users, whichy includes: conversations, accesses, softwares that were used, the path from where a data was colleceted to where it was send, and even capturing from webcam, microphone and displays.

Jorina V.

Managing Director
Computer & Network Security


Reviewed: November 11, 2019

“Risk Fraud and Management solution”

Te risk monitor is such a comprehensive solution that has a function for every department in your business. This solution is the ONLY solution in the world that can address the fraud and risk and give risk managers and C-Level Decision Makers information that can protect their company, increase their productivity while at the same time prevent fraud and risk - what an amazing ROI!!

Abdullah M.

System Administrator
Industrial Automation


Reviewed: November 11, 2019

“Risk Monitor is a must”

It gives you all the needed data to monitor your data, network, hardware so you can take actions to make the needed enhancement customized reports

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