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Investigate without third party involvement

Identify and minimize internal threat with ERM software


SearchInform Risk Monitor controls your maximum quantity of information channels as well as featuring built-in analytical tools.


Provides your business with multifaceted protection against financial losses caused by internal threats in several stages:

Detecting incidents involving corporate fraud and profiteering
Controlling the human factor and predicting HR risks
Protecting confidential data from leaks during its storage, use and transfer
Facilitating regulatory compliance and investigation processes

The system operates on two levels. It keeps track of the data leaving the network while at the same time monitors employee activities on computers. SearchInform Risk Monitor keeps an eye on the company’s assets 24/7 even if the employees are located off the premises of an organization but using corporate devices.

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The system conducts a real-time analysis, identifying every ongoing event within a network and mitigating insider risk. The software saves the data it obtains and allows you to restore the details, enabling retrospective investigation and providing access to the archive.


Communication channels

Email, Skype, instant messengers, forums,
cloud storages, etc.


Employee activity

Computer work, behavior, criminal
tendencies, etc.


Data at rest

Data stored in network folders,
on PCs, etc.


SearchInform Risk Monitor aids your company in building a risk management program and a solid insider threat management process, helping you foresee any prospective internal corporate risks in advance via:

  • Immunization to the consequences of data leakage
  • Exposing fraud schemes (sabotage, embezzlement, theft, waste, kickbacks, and more)
  • Safeguarding the company against personnel risks and predicting employee behavior patterns
  • Solving regulatory compliance issues
  • Helping to increase staff productivity
  • Team loyalty management


Risk Monitor

Risk Monitor



Data at rest monitoring

Data at rest




Forensic Suit


Time Tracking


Performance Evaluation / Efficiency Monitoring

Performance Evaluation /
Efficiency Monitoring



Records all email correspondence (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.)



Records chats and captures attachments on social networks and instant messengers



Captures data transferred by users to external devices



Monitors the content of documents sent for printing



Captures files and messages transmitted over HTTP/HTTPS protocols

Data at rest monitoring

Data at rest monitoring



Forensic Suit

Forensic Suit

Time Tracking

Time Tracking

Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation /
Efficiency Monitoring


To protect your business and identify internal risks, you should be monitoring behavior within your team. Thanks to powerful text, audio, video, and graphics analysis along with an embedded UEBA component, SearchInform Risk Monitor renders corporate fraud predictable and financial losses preventable.


250+ preset security policies


Relevant for any company

Regardless of the business field, SearchInform helps monitor pay-offs and corruption, provides workplace morale analysis, detects risk groups, and more.


Tailored for particular industries

Takes into account the company’s sphere of business: financial services, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, etc.


Solves specific tasks for a client

The SearchInform experts develop security policies cost-free at the client’s request, which are necessary to comply with the corporate rules and local law.



SearchInform Risk Monitor holds 4 key advantages over its competitors

  1. The most complete control of information flows via
    network channels

    SearchInform Risk Monitor allows you to monitor all critical communication channels. A complete list of both corporate (Exchange, Lync, etc.) and personal (WhatsApp, Skype, etc.) communication tools is supported. This allows the safe use of network channels without the need to block them.

  2. Unique analysis technology

    In addition to ordinary analysis technologies (stemming, dictionaries, regular expressions, digital fingerprints, OCR), SearchInform Risk Monitor utilizes a spectrum of unique technologies that help increase the system's efficiency. Detection of texts that are close in meaning to samples. Search for images similar to sample images. Search any audio or video recording users are involved in.

  3. Advanced investigation tools

    The product provides a basis for audio and video recordings of user activities, recording any activities involving files or folders, audit logs, devices, or software. Constant monitoring tools allow you to accurately reconstruct a chain of events and discover employees engaged in violations.

  4. Monitoring user productivity

    SearchInform Risk Monitor features a built-in feature that allows you to evaluate user productivity in applications and on websites. This provides you a means to expand applicable scope of the system, increase the level of employee loyalty, and anticipate business issues ahead of time.



Advanced investigation tools

SearchInform clients get to test the product and get a feel for its value to their businesses before they buy it. The trial features the products full set of functions and training.


Flexible licensing

SearchInform Risk Monitor is a multi-component system. All the solutions are smoothly integrated. Clients can purchase the full software packages or select among particular modules of the product and customize their own bundle.


Installation takes 2-3 hours

And this can be done by the client’s staff. There is no need to disclose the internal documents and processes. Moreover, the SearchInform experts will provide round-the-clock technical support to the clients.


Deployment will not interfere
with any business processes

Installation does not require any changes in the local network’s structure. Thus, the product’s deployment will not cause any downtime or call for any adjustments to your ordinary established processes.


SearchInform Risk Monitor
protects data offsite

It not only operates at the local network level but also at the level of each individual computer. The software saves data even while employees are working from home or are away on business trips.


Constant support from the
deployment department

SearchInform teaches its clients how to operate the software, helps develop security policies, provides consulting on the interception analysis, and keeps clients updated on new software features and capabilities.


SearchInform Risk Monitor’s reports visualize all the activities taking place within a company. Having an objective and detailed idea of all processes and activities provides a means to stop violations and analyze possible threats for the purpose of preventing potential incidents.

SearchInform solutions’ full gallery

Analytic Console relational graph

(relationships chart, amount of information captured via which channels by which employees, and security policy violations statistics)

SearchInform solutions’ full gallery

Content routing

(provides for prompt identification of the document’s author as well as the source of the respective information and the paths of its distribution)

Sebastian G.

Team Leader
Information Services


Reviewed: November 12, 2019

“All in one on security”

In first place look up the We can improve end user performance knowing their daily behaivor. First the system seems complicated, but with the use one quickly and intuitively start using it without problems.

Totally transparent to the end user With two click you can tack everything the user did with the information

Heric M.

Information Security Consulting
Information Technology and Services


Reviewed: November 13, 2019


The search inform risk monitoring is a very impressive tool. I have never seen a tool which can collect so many data from a computer and organize in a way to be clear about what was made in the hosts. It is pretty useful to proof actions that were made by internal users, whichy includes: conversations, accesses, softwares that were used, the path from where a data was colleceted to where it was send, and even capturing from webcam, microphone and displays.

Jorina V.

Managing Director
Computer & Network Security


Reviewed: November 11, 2019

“Risk Fraud and Management solution”

Te risk monitor is such a comprehensive solution that has a function for every department in your business. This solution is the ONLY solution in the world that can address the fraud and risk and give risk managers and C-Level Decision Makers information that can protect their company, increase their productivity while at the same time prevent fraud and risk - what an amazing ROI!!

Abdullah M.

System Administrator
Industrial Automation


Reviewed: November 11, 2019

“Risk Monitor is a must”

It gives you all the needed data to monitor your data, network, hardware so you can take actions to make the needed enhancement customized reports