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Increase productivity by knowing your team

Classify personality traits based on user correspondence


ProfileCenter allows you to

Manage personnel, increase productivity and figure out human risks
undermining colleagues’ or a company’s wellbeing


What employees from different departments really think about security policies and a monitoring system

Receive reliable staff assessment

Impartial and unbiased, no emotional baggage

Be aware

Of implicit leaders in remote offices and conduct remote employee evaluation

Make decisions

Regarding interaction with a team and allocation of responsibilities and access rights management. ProfileCenter provides you with recommendations: for example, which employee to give access to the data or which tasks to distribute in order to mitigate risks


The workplace environment health and discover employee moods and attitudes. ProfileCenter delivers to you detailed characteristics and relevant qualities of each employee any time

How does ProfileCenter work?

An employee monitoring system collects staff correspondence: outgoing emails,
Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, Lync, Telegram messages and posts on social media

The module's algorithm reveals key behaviors and thinking patterns

Identify and determine:

  • Main types of conduct
  • Thinking patterns
  • Personality traits and emotions
  • Purposes and response to management decisions
  • Role within a team and influencing colleagues
  • Motivation and needs
  • Loyalty and reliability level
  • Propensities and criminal tendencies

Analysis results are shown in a report including
notes and recommendations

Which employee behavior markers should be paid attention to:

  • Some employees should be monitored periodically or at intervals and some – constantly or occasionally
  • An employee might need specific qualities to get a job
  • An access to confidential information and assets can’t be granted to every staff member
  • There can be colleagues who require to be communicated with officially and businesslike whereas other colleagues are open to establish friendship
  • A reprimand or short instruction can be a sufficient measure for some employees and others need to be systematically trained or even penalized

SearchInform ProfileCenter report. Psychological personality profile

ProfileCenter – a unique solution for your business



It doesn’t demotivate, it doesn’t affect a team. Specialists responsible for employee monitoring always have all the relevant psychological profiles at hand.


Impartial and unbiased

The system runs on strictly set algorithms and analyzes data excluding personal opinions and emotional baggage.


Controls remote employees

A specialist working at the head office is aware of a team’s morale in branch offices located in other cities.

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