6.5 million voters' data compromised

6.5 million Israeli voters got their personal details leaked due to the lack of security measures.

The website connected to the election app created for one of the parties three weeks before the national election sprouting questions regarding electoral scheming.

Names, addresses, ID cards and phones appeared to be available online due to the misconfigured app designed for communication with electors.

The voter registry could be downloaded by anyone who would come across it. According to The New York Times, the government showed incompetence in protection of its people’s sensitive data and electoral integrity maintenance, but the investigation would indicate the cause of the leakage.

Whereas according to Tel Aviv-based TheMarker, an elector’s application allows parties to compose databases against the Protection of Privacy Law, as they try to gather much more sensitive details of potential voters which is beyond the voter registry.

Because of the breach, foreign agencies, including Iran, are said to be able to access personal data on Israeli intel officials.

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