Work time control

TimeInformer. Work time control

TimeInformer automatically tracks employee computer activity. It reveals what employees are busy with, performs a high-visibility monitoring of employee activity in any programs and applications.

After being deployed, TimeInformer drives down the company’s losses arising from inappropriate use of work time on average by 30%.

What Problems It Solves

TimeInformer protects your business from inefficient work and financial losses pertaining to your staff. The employee monitoring system reveals:

  • Disorderly employees who are late to work, leave early, or take too long or too frequent breaks.
  • Perfidious employees who use their work time and computers of the company for entertainment and personal benefit.
  • Overloaded employees who are on the verge of burnout due to constant overtime.
  • Valuable employees who muse over leaving the company (spend time on job search sites).

What It Controls

TimeInformer provides insight into all employee computer activity:

  • Keeps track of applications run by employees during the day as well as the duration of time the employee spends in them. The system automatically detects whether an employee was actually working in an application or whether the application was just launched.
  • Keeps track of all visited sites and how much time the employee spent on each of them.
  • Captures employee computer screens.
  • Logs time of arrival and departure, smoke breaks, late arrivals, work absence.
  • Allows you to record and listen to employee conversations via a microphone or a headset connected to the PC.
  • Captures keystrokes as well as clipboard data.