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Control all data channels

Or choose the ones which need to be controlled


Data flow management and visualization

Understand where your data resides in the system

Enterprise DLP – comprehensive and complete approach covering all data channels


Integrated DLP – selective solution for specific needs

Data at rest, data in motion

Data insight DLP integration component

Find, explore and analyze data. While users tend to control data in motion, protection of data at rest should not be underappreciated. Know your data whether it is located on a hard drive or external device, as it is as vulnerable as data in transit. Learn about where all the pieces of your data are placed and how to find them.


How does it help?

The solution helps you know your data and put controls just right where you need them

Who needs it and where?

  • Data Protection Officer is responsible for compliance with GDPR
    Objective - identify information and ensure control
  • Application inventory
    Internal Audit conducts assessment based on already integrated applications
  • IT asset management
  • Procurement process

Software inventory management – keep a record of all the applications installed and constantly used on employees’ PCs. Analyse data on endpoints and monitor which instruments are purchased and exploited within your system. Be aware of which software is integrated within each department of your organization.

Access controls

DLP integration with identity management

Enhance identity and access management, ensure accurate task allocation and access rights assignment


  • the initiator of data exchange
  • which means are used
  • where information is transferred




Records all email correspondence (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.)



Records chats and captures attachments on social networks and instant messengers



Captures data transferred by users to external devices



Monitors the content of documents sent for printing



Captures files and messages transmitted over HTTP/HTTPS protocols



Controls files moved from/to cloud storages (Google Disk, Dropbox, etc.)



Captures data sent or received over FTP, including encrypted connection (FTPS)



Manages setting security policies, allows you to edit preconfigured policies, create rules and schedule audits



Visualizes user activities across all communication channels, all events within a system and connections between employees


Segregation of Duties

SoD, an Internal Control instrument, is among risk mitigation program essentials, and the key purpose of it is to minimize fraudulent activity. At the same time SoD is the basic requirement for accurate financial reporting. Segregation of duties is the concept necessary in regard to compliance.

Integrated DLP

Selective approach, specific channels and servers are monitored.

Data access control for enterprise applications in the cloud

As companies make a shift towards using cloud solutions their need in software which would protect their data outside the corporate perimeter is increasing. SearchInform product ensures that moving your sensitive data to the cloud as well as share information between colleagues outside a company is safe.

The software controls files received in, or uploaded to, cloud storage services. Captures data in client software and web services. Tracks cloud storage and file sharing services: Google Docs, Office 365, Evernote, iCloud Drive, SharePoint, Dropbox, Amazon S3, DropMeFiles, etc.

Our offer allows you to control only communications and storages which you want to control. Besides the opportunity to obtain a full-functional comprehensive solution, the software is customizable and lets you opt for what you are willing to monitor – access to databases, file system, cloud storage, etc.


Ensure data control where you need it

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AlertCenter Security Policies

What does SearchInform DLP analytics comprise?





  • UEBA studies behavior patterns to design a baseline checking against which a violator can be identified.
  • Automated investigation with Machine Learning techniques
  • Intelligent technology eliminates false positives during event processing and incident reporting
  • Self-learning solution allows you to process appropriate user behavioral patterns and emphasize tendencies and potential internal threats

Compliance and Privacy

Make sure that your organization doesn’t collect more information than it is required and doesn’t exceed business or customer needs.

The DLP system clarifies and manages not only ways data can go outside a company but also ways it is distributed among departments and employees. It is necessary to establish a proper perimeter guarding your company not only from external surroundings but also within your corporate system allowing the DLP solution to fix internal data misuse or leakage issues.

DLP facilitates regulatory compliance simplifying conformity to basic requirements of any privacy-related law.

Privileged account control

Аdministrative privileges and access rights management

Solution implementation


of companies have installed and launched the solution within 1 hour with the help of our specialists


within 3 hours


within 1 day

it took other organizations a bit longer than a day

Preset configurations begin to work straight after scanning the current situation on your corporate endpoints. The implemented software launches data classification and establishes categorization rules.

  • Support for hybrid environments
  • Build and map data flows
  • Access controls
  • Automated incident management

The software alerts to an issue

What to do after an issue is revealed?

User groups should be recognized and differentiated – independent specific user groups should be connected to certain specific alerts as there is always more than one specialist responsible for risk detection and notification

  • SOC
  • DPO
  • Network security administrator
  • CISO

Security policies should be reconsidered – the solution implementation implies review of business processes involving remodeling of corporate policies: DLP integration – solution’s full placement

Processes get audited, upgraded and tuned to meet your system’s standards

SearchInform provides and supervises:



Pilot installation

Pilot installation

Gap analysis

Gap analysis

Redesign of your policies and business processes

Redesign of your policies and business processes