Data loss prevention
Monitoring data at rest and data in motion

Communication channels control


Alert system for abnormal events detection


Retrospective investigation


Content analysis


SearchInform DLP captures all the information sent inside or outside the corporate perimeter and provides your business with the details to discover a source of a leak and a way data gets breached

SearchInform DLP

Ensures that your company is protected from financial and reputational losses:

Controls information flow
Analyses correspondence and transferred data
Alerts to policy violation
Conducts investigation and prevents leakage

The system controls employee communication with external sources and monitors internal workflow on PCs. SearchInform DLP runs online and keeps track of remote employee activity if it is performed “in the field” or in a branch office using corporate devices.

SearchInform DLP controls

The system conducts a real-time analysis, identifying every ongoing event within a network. The software saves the data it obtains and allows you to restore the details, enabling retrospective investigation and providing access to the archive.


Communication channels

Email, Skype, instant messengers, forums, cloud storages, etc.


Data in transit

Data sent to print, uploaded to a USB, being print screened or recorded, etc.


Data at rest

Data stored in network folders, on PCs, etc.


SearchInform DLP supplies you with a bigger range of instruments than a standard DLP. The built-in analytics capabilities as well as employee-centered monitoring approach allow you to:

  • Exempt yourself from experiencing the consequences of a data leakage
  • Discover scheming and fraudulent activities
  • Foreknow high-risk employee behaviors and provide your colleagues with a healthy environment
  • Monitor productivity and manage team loyalty
  • Comply with regulators (GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc.)

SearchInform DLP

The solution consists of modules, each of which controls its own data channel



Records all email correspondence (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.)



Captures chats, calls, text messages, and files on Skype



Records chats and captures attachments on social networks and instant messengers



Captures data sent or received over FTP, including encrypted connection (FTPS)



Captures files and messages transmitted over HTTP/HTTPS protocols



Controls files moved from/to cloud storages (Google Disk, Dropbox, etc.)



Monitors the content of documents sent for printing



Captures data transferred by users to external devices


Data at Rest Monitoring

Detects documents stored in violation of security policies

Analytical capabilities

The control of information flow and data capture are only a fraction of the DLP functionality. SearchInform DLP launches powerful search engines which work with all kinds of confidential information in order to analyze the information and detect an incident. The analysis is automated to increase the speed of a reaction to an incident


250+ preset security policies



Regardless of the business field, SearchInform helps monitor pay-offs and corruption, provides workplace morale analysis, detects risk groups, and more.



Takes into account the company’s sphere of business: financial services, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, etc.



The SearchInform experts develop security policies cost-free at the client’s request, which are necessary to comply with the corporate rules and local law.

Technical advantages

SearchInform DLP sports 4 advantages which make it stand out in a crowd of competitors


1.Search Instruments

The system searches for images similar to a sample, searches within audio recordings making a transcription of audio into text and enables a content search within a video recording of user activity allowing to investigate video fragments of particular interest.


2.Report system

More than 100 reports give you a structured data layout for any requested area of the controlled activity. Reports visualize all the connections established via internal and external communication channels and display a sender and a recipient of information.


3.Smooth integration

Plug and play – install the system and run the monitoring straight away. 200+ preset policies make the investigation process preconfigured and activate the analytics capabilities as the software is unpacked. Businesses in different industries are equipped with the solutions specifically tailored to them.



All the data gets archived to assist with the retrospective investigation. Discover bribery and accepting kickbacks, reveal informal leaders and track a violation down to a source, learn about the ways and reasons information gets leaked.



Free 30-day
trial version

SearchInform clients get to test the product and get a feel for its value to their businesses before they buy it. The trial features the products full set of functions and training.


Flexible licensing

SearchInform Risk Monitor is a multi-component system. All the solutions are smoothly integrated. Clients can purchase the full software packages or select among particular modules of the product and customize their own bundle.


Installation takes 2-3 hours

And this can be done by the client’s staff. There is no need to disclose the internal documents and processes. Moreover, the SearchInform experts will provide round-the-clock technical support to the clients.


Deployment will not interfere
with any business processes

Installation does not require any changes in the local network’s structure. Thus, the product’s deployment will not cause any downtime or call for any adjustments to your ordinary established processes.


SearchInform DLP
protects data offsite

It not only operates at the local network level but also at the level of each individual computer. The software saves data even while employees are working from home or are away on business trips.


Constant support from the
deployment department

SearchInform teaches its clients how to operate the software, helps develop security policies, provides consulting on the interception analysis, and keeps clients updated on new software features and capabilities.


SearchInform DLP’s reports visualize all the activities taking place within a company. Having an objective and detailed idea of all processes and activities provides a means to stop violations and analyze possible threats for the purpose of preventing potential incidents.

User efficiency

(active processes/websites; user productivity; absent users, etc.)

Attendance sheet

(attendance sheet of users during a specified month with display by full month or particular week)

Software and hardware audit

(installed programs, changes made to configurations and settings, etc.)