SearchInform DLP:

Data loss prevention

SearchInform DLP

Omni-Channel Protection

  • Place all information flows under control
  • Capture and analyze the contents of all communications and transmitted files
  • Define and enforce consistent security policies throughout your ecosystem
  • Get alerts about breaches of the security policies
  • Investigate and prevent the breaches with the help of retrospective analysis capabilities

The system operates at two levels: controls the data outgoing to the Internet and monitors the events on work stations, including the laptops used outside of corporate network, when employees go on business trips or work from home.


  • Email communications
  • Voice and text messages as well as files (sent via Skype, Viber, ICQ, and others)
  • Data transferred to/from cloud storage services
  • Posts and comments on web forums  and blogs
  • External devices (flash drives, hard drives, CDs and others)
  • Documents sent to printers

The system performs real-time inspection of all information flows and alerts about suspicious events. SearchInform DLP stores all captured data and lets you reconstruct details should an investigation be required.


  • Mitigate the risks pertaining to data leaks
  • Manage employee loyalty and positive attitude
  • Prevent fraud, kickbacks, sabotage and other harmful activities
  • Encourage adherence to code of conduct
  • Improve productivity
  • Control corporate expenses
  • Simplify hardware and software inventory tracking

SearchInform DLP is used by over 1700 companies in 12 countries worldwide. Find out more about how our solution works.

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