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SearchInForm's Sergey Ozhegov talks to Gulf Business at GITEX GLOBAL 2023

Sergey Ozhegov spoke to Gulf Business about the managed information security services offered by SearchInform.

Managed Security Service: Right Choice for Your Company?

Lev Matveev, founder of SearchInform, explains why companies need MSS and reveals the benefits of SearchInform's services.


How To Reveal Company’s Information Security Issues For Free

Lev Matveev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SearchInform outlines the measures needed to safeguard your company.

How to Protect Corporate Data from Breaches, Fraud and Errors of Employees

In a media talk, SearchInform Head Lev Matveev speaks about which companies have a higher risk of data theft, how to protect data in SMEs, and more.


SearchInform’s Service Against Data Leaks, Fraud and Employees’ Idleness

Lev Matveev, founder and chairman of SearchInform, reveals the main “pain points” in the information security protection of SMEs.

Cybersecurity challenges in the UAE: is your business safe?

Lev Matveev, founder of SearchInform, talks about cyber threats in the UAE and how security services can deal with them.


Why It’s Yet Impossible To Cope With Social Engineering Related Threats?

Sergio Bertoni, The Leading Analyst at SearchInform explains social engineering methods and why they are still effective.

Internal Threat Protection Not Requiring Software and Personnel

Find out how SearchInform's Managed Services work and what makes them stand out in the market.


How SearchInform threat protection experts help tackle data protection issue in UAE

SearchInform founder Lev Matveev discusses current infosec issues, possibilities of business protection from cyber threats and unique managed security service.

Exploring SearchInform’s Future-Ready Security Service & Free Trial!

Lev Matveev, the founder of SearchInform, shared his insights on the unique aspects of safeguarding data in the UAE, and their IS service.


SearchInform launches the unique information security service in the MENA market

SearchInform, the leading risk management product developer, is expanding its presence in the MENA region.

SearchInform helping businesses to get on top of data protection

Sergei Ozhegov, CEO at SearchInform, highlights their solution portfolio at GITEX Global 2023.


SearchInform CEO on Risk Management & Information Security

Sergei Ozhegov, CEO of SearchInform, highlights information security and internal threat mitigation at GITEX Global 2023.

Cybersecurity: What? Is it for my Company?

Read a column in Spanish by our expert on the risks facing SMEs and how to manage them.


E-mail Compromise

The leading analyst at SearchInform explains how to protect business from BEC-attacks.

As technology advances, we remain vulnerable to cyber-attacks

An article in Spanish by SearchInform's expert, Ricardo Martinez, on the subject of human vulnerabilities and how attackers exploit them.


Technology Summit in Abidjan: Searchinform brings together its peers to define new cybersecurity strategies for Ivory Coast

SearchInform brought together industry leaders to address the complex challenges of cybersecurity and data management in Abidjan.

Cybersecurity in Ivory Coast: new Russian and American vendors attracted by the market boom

SearchInform expert commented on the company's presence in the Southern African market at a seminar in Abidjan.


Cybersecurity: Towards optimum digitization of information systems for businesses

Read about SearchInform's presentation of its solutions at a partner event in the Ivory Coast.

Cybersecurity: industry leaders discuss digital resilience in Abidjan

The giants of the technology industry gathered at a workshop organized by SearchInform to discuss new approaches to information security.


DLP – how to find the balance between comfort and security

SearchInform expert reveals, how advanced DLP system can help to deal with infosec tasks and ensure comfort of work processes.

How To Ensure Information Security of An Organization Basing on Business Requirements

SearchInform's leading analyst gives tips on how to ensure an appropriate level of information security in the organization.


SearchInform FileAuditor 2023: Potente Auditoría de Archivos

Learn how SearchInform FileAuditor revolutionises file auditing, optimises security and ensures compliance.

Hacks and data leaks

In this article SearchInform expert shares useful advice on how to protect businesses against hacks and data leaks.


Career in information Security

In this article our CEO tells about the peculiarities of career in the information security.

DCAP Systems and Their Future

In this article we provide an overview of trends in the sphere of DCAP systems development and find out if these systems will be demanded in the future.


An overview of information security trends 2022-2023

In this survey we’ve revealed a few crucial trends in information security sphere and gathered info on some major incidents.

SearchInform LTD: Developing Business Protection Tools Since 2005

SearchInform story: learn more about strong information security vendor corporate culture, our long-term vision and find out, what makes company's tools special


Who Are Corporate Spies, How to Identify & Neutralize Them?

SearchInform CEO reveals, who are corporate spies, how you can detect them and which techniques do they use.

10 Minute IT Jams - An update from SearchInform

How SearchInform experts and instruments can help to achieve orazanization's goals and deal with data security challenges?


Data Leak: Informing Clients, Employees and Partners

How to inform about data leaks properly

How to Put on a Vacation. Safety Regulations: CEO’s Security Check-List

What is important to do to ensure business-processes security when employees have a vacation


Safety as a corporate culture

Why is it important to develop data-handling culture and what may be done in order to improve the situation in this sphere

SearchInform Risk Monitor is ranked among top 5 User Activity Monitoring Software Of 2022

SearchInform Risk Monitor is ranked among top 5 User Activity Monitoring Software Of 2022 by TechDogs


Putting a file system in order

The first step of a cyberthreat mitigation adventure - Enterprise Security in print, by Alexey Parfentiev

How Not To Become a Feeder for a Ransomware Scammer

According to IDC, above 1/3 of companies all over the world became victims of ransomware hackers in 2020-2021


Revenge Hacks: Cyber security tips to ensure business safety

Employees taking revenge on their former employers. Prevention measures for better business safety

How Does The Pandemic Change The Way We Protect Systems From Internal Threats?

SearchInform experts share their insight with Security Link India on how the internal threat triggered during the pandemics


Cybersecurity Trends for 2021-2022

SearchInform has gathered the most urgent topics which will likely be rated as priorities of 2021-2022

How Does the Pandemic Change the Way We Protect Systems From Internal Threats?

Sergey Ozhegov commented on the statistics mirroring the influence of the pandemic on internal threats and user behaviour


How to rely on SaaS and not regret it

Alexey Parfentiev's opinion on what it takes to use a SaaS today has been shared by DataQuest India

Putting a file system in order is the first step of a cyber threat mitigation adventure

Alexey Parfentiev shared with Enterprise Security Magazine his opinion on what a great DCAP system should offer


Not all DLP systems are equally helpful

Alexey Parfentiev on how DLPs can be different for SecurityLinkIndia

Can Data Protection Systems Prevent Data At Rest Leakage?

The Hacker News on SearchInform ways to protect data at rest which is as important as data in motion regarding data breach issue.


Swiss Army Knife for Information Security: What Is Comprehensive Protection?

Threatpost posts Sergey Ozhegov opinion on comprehensive information security solution

SearchInform review of key FileAuditor updates

Franklin Credit publishes the updates which has been introduced into the DCAP solution in recent months


International Business Times on FileAuditor latest update

SearchInform FileAuditor has been updated in recent months.

SearchInform updated its DCAP solution FileAuditor

The system has been enriched with new tools, including for scanning directories and configuring rules for automatic detection, manual search for incidents.


SearchInform, fortalece el trabajo con sus partners

En un año marcado por la pandemia mundial, la empresa rusa refuerza el apoyo a los socios locales para seguir creciendo en la región

Solution for Managed Security Service Providers

News Break features SearchInform MSSP option


Internal Threat Mitigation Solution deployed and implemented by experts

A customer will be helped with monitoring implementation, offered deployment in the cloud, provided with tools and an experienced specialist.

SearchInform solution for MSSP

SearchInform solution as a service in Techtoday Newspaper


SearchInform, soluciones que aumentan la productividad

La empresa de origen ruso realizó su último webinar del año, donde se trataron temas relacionados al trabajo remoto, eficiencia y productividad.

SearchInform brings to the fore its internal threat mitigation solution as a service

SearchInform offers MSSP option allowing companies to launch in-depth employee monitoring fast and easy


SearchInform offers MSSP option

SearchInform has elaborated the strategy for tackling both budget allocation or cuts amid lockdown and investment into ensuring safe performance of the remote team.

SearchInform eyes opportunity in SA’s public sector

SearchInform is looking to capitalise on increased interest in its software from within South Africa’s public sector.


How companies are shifting to remote work

Alexey Parfentiev comments on the SearchInform's research into companies' experience in remote work for HR Future.

SearchInform Enters Turkish Market with the Solution Deployment in the Cloud

CISION announces SearchInform entering Turkish market with the solution deployment in the cloud.


SearchInform's cloud solution presented in Turkish market

Cyber Security Trend publishes SearchInform cloud solution press release.

SearchInform Enters Turkish Market with the Solution Deployment in the Cloud

SearchInform finds a new way through the current obstacles many organizations have to face while dealing with the pressure the COVID-19 pandemic.


SearchInform announces Risk Monitor solution deployment in the cloud

The Chain Magazine shares the company's recent market offer

Risk Monitor cloud deployment in Saudi Arabia

Deploy the complete toolset protecting communication and data transfer channels, ensure compliance with SAMA, GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA


Risk Monitor Solution Deployment in the Cloud

The company offers its clients in UAE the cloud option for internal monitoring

Risk Monitor solution in the cloud

SearchInform announces cloud deployment model of its flagship solution for the company's customers in Lebanon


SearchInform Announces Risk Monitor Solution Deployment in the Cloud

SearchInform Risk Monitor Solution has been available in the MENA region, now the company offers Risk Monitor in the cloud to the local clients

SearchInform enters the Asian market with the launch of Risk Monitor

Goa Chronicle announces Risk Monitor in the local market


Digital totalism or acceptable boundaries of privacy

HR Pulse shares Sergey Ozhegov's opinion on the privacy limits which might soon be reconsidered

Working from home securely

Hi-tech Security Solutions share the opinion of Sergey Ozhegov, CEO of SearchInform, on risks and measures to take while working outside the office


New insights into remote working

New research from SearchInform has shed light on companies’ experiences in shifting to remote work and keeping business processes going

Have companies managed the shift to remote work?

Channelwise shares SearchInform research on companies' recent experience during remote work


All employees do it

Hi-Tech Security Solutions publishes the analysis of the most frequent security incidents prepared by SearchInform

All employees do it

The most frequent security incidents within companies revealed by SearchInform featured in Supply Network Africa


Employees in crisis: how to stop panic in a team?

Sergey Ozhegov gives to HR Pulse his viewpoint on employees' behaviour during the crisis

SearchInform on technology that will help businesses operate during lockdown

Sergey Ozhegov, CEO at SearchInform, shares with Enterprise Channels MEA his opinion on the key issues companies are currently facing


Cybersecurity tendencies in marks of COVID-19

Sergey Ozhegov on the threats and measures companies can take during the pandemic to Security Focus Africa

Security outsourcing service launched in SA

The service includes DLP management, employee monitoring, internal threats detection and productivity monitoring.


Automated profiling as a new HR tool

Alexei Parfentiev points out to HR Pulse how automated profiling helps HR professionals

Overcome employee fraud in retail

Sergey Ozhegov, CEO at SearchInform, gives an insight into data security in the retail industry and highlights the types of incidents caused by employees


Third-party risks: does your supplier comply?

Bizcommunity shares Alexey Parfentiev's opinion on the threats third parties pose and the ways risks can be mitigated.

Is outsourcing the solution to SA's cybercrime scourge?

SearchInform offers a turnkey solution, an outsourcing package that includes DLP, internal threat detection, employee and productivity monitoring.


SearchInform releases FileAuditor

Hi-Tech Security Solutions announced SearchInform solution for file system auditing

Beat or prevent occupational fraud

The human factor is your weak spot when it comes to banking fraud, Sergey Ozhegov for African Journals


International Business Forum in Puglia

Italian media includes SearchInform representatives as key event moderators

Occupational fraud - an insurance time bomb

HR Future highlights fraud-fighting strategies outlined by Sergey Ozhegov, CEO at SearchInform


SearchInform monitors employeesability

"There are methods that can protect a company against internal incidents," - Sergey Ozhegov CEO, SearchInform, to ITP at GITEX

SearchInform takes part at GITEX 2019

Enterprise Channels MEA highlights SearchInform participation at GITEX 2019


SearchInform announced a solution for a file system auditing

Security Focus features FileAuditor, a DCAP product which allows business control critical documents and access to them

Liste de contrôle pour des vacances en toute sécurité

Que ne pas faire pour avoir des vacances et ne pas s'inquiéter - par Alexey Parfentiev


SearchInform releases automated profiling

Hi-tech security solutions announces SearchInform's new product release

Searchinform takes part at GITEX 2019

SearchInform will be among 250 tech world representatives who will share their expertise contributing to the world's future


SearchInform among major developers in Employee Monitoring Solutions Market

The new report researching the Employee Monitoring Solutions Market has been completed

SearchInform acknowledged by Data Bridge

The company is claimed to be among major competitors in the Global Information Security Consulting Market


SearchInform releases automated profiling

IT Online features SearchInform's new product release - automated profiling

It’s not wise to go SIEMless

Hi-Tech Security Solutions asked Alexei Parfentiev, lead analyst at SearchInform, to discuss what today’s SIEM applications look like.


SearchInform releases automated profiling

This is the first time when a psychological diagnostic procedure has been automated.

Insider activities and industrial accidents

More than 95% of all investigated incidents were caused by human errors, SearchInform for Supply Network Africa


Human factor is the biggest threat for corporate data

"An ordinary employee appears to be the number one violator" - Zawya published Security Survey 2018 prepared by SearchInform

Human factor is the biggest threat for corporate data

TradeArabia published Security Survey 2018 prepared by SearchInform


Human factor is the biggest threat for corporate data

"SearchInform reveals 74% of organisations consider employee negligence the biggest repeated peril", Network Middle East

Information Security Survey 2018

Enterprise Channels MEA added the survey made by SearchInform to the Cyber Sentinels


Tackling the insider threat

Executive briefings held by SearchInform, Condyn and Secnovate reviewed by Security SA

Information Security Survey 2018 results

Bizcommunity shared the results of the survey conducted by SearchInform in 2018


Trade secrets most leaked company info: SearchInform

15 countries have shared their experience and methods introduced to protect the corporate network.

Insiders: who are they?

Risk groups of employees and accidental insiders are the business’s weakest link, more in “Insiders: who are they?” by Sergey Ozhegov, for HiTechSecurity


Road Show SearchInform 2019 is a Success in South Africa

SearchInform, together with its South African partners CONDYN and Secnovate, held Insider Risk and Fraud Executive Briefing 2019 in South Africa.

Insiders and personal data fraud

Real stories from our clients prove healthcare and hospitality the most vulnerable industries


CISO MAG Awards to honor excellence in cybersecurity

This invite-only event would be preceded by an elite roundtable session hosted exclusively by SearchInform, a leading risk management product developer

SearchInform at the Annual Conference on Cyber Security in Сairo

SearchInform together with the partner will present a new concept in the field of information security at the annual 6th conference of the “Digital Nation”


Corporate fraud and insider threats

A displeased or money-minded employee may cause a million-dollar loss. Types of insider threats

4 key points of human factor

Human factor can trigger different situations and any of them might appear detrimental to an organisation


SearchInform analysts review fines for data breaches in 2018

Uber, Yahoo!, Equifax and Facebook were fined a total sum of US$246.8 million for data leakage in 2018

An urgent assist or strategic risk management

Instant problem solvers are guaranteed to stop data leakage but these tools often mishandle a real situation


Risky solutions you use to protect your organisation

Securing corporate perimeter is one of the basic measures a company should take to make sure that nothing threatens its workflow

SearchInform CEO on risk management and fraud prevention

Sergey Ozhegov discusses fraud management, information security, data leakage and insider activity.


2 reasons to automate compliance management. POPIA and GDPR

Alexei Parfentiev recaps issues businesses might face when there's more than one regulation act to comply with

Human factor as a key point in corporate risk management

Employee monitoring is helping companies to detect fraud, negligence, and insider activity.


SearchInform product added by FireCompass to the comparison list

SearchInform solution features are now displayed by FireCompass and can be studied together with similar products

There is no fair play in the market - there is GDPR now

Sergey Ozhegov, CEO of SearchInform, clarifies the way GDPR impacts on small and large businesses for, the Middle East


Important to secure the Internet of Things

IoT era demands that devices become extra secured

How to use data leakage as a marketing trick

Why people need marketing leaks and how to tell whether an incident is just a commercial move


Spies in the workplace

Spies get around and get caught. Sergey Ozhegov, CEO of SearchInform, details a few real life examples of what can happen in the workplace

Securing the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things: the flip side functions you should be aware of


Defining the enterprise mobility landscape

The bright and the dark sides of enterprise mobility

Hackers vs insiders: who is creating the risk?

Sergey Ozhegov, CEO of SearchInform, discusses how the biggest security risk may well be the insider


Unlocking the mobility challenge

SearchInform gives a commentary on enterprise mobility issues

Securing the Internet of Things

IoT challenges and biggest problems users and industries have to be aware of


How to detect a potential insider?

What kind of incidents happen and what can be done

SearchInform conducted the first series of conferences in South Africa

The company has embarked on an initiative to promote the innovative solution in the African market


SearchInform solutions officially on SA’s IT security radar

Summing up the first leg of the Road Show 2018 conferences held in South Africa

Prioritising mobile security in the workplace

Managing devices in the workplace and the risks a company exposes itself to


Data of Indian international flight passengers on the black market

Nobel Prize laureats' names leaked, Panera Bread clients’ data exposed for 8 months, 12 arrested for Apple confidentiality violation

Russia's SearchInform looks to grab hold of Africa's IT security space

The company has conducted its first roadshow in Centurion and is heading to Cape Town to feature its flagship solution: DLP + Forensic Suite


Prioritising Mobile Security In The Workplace

CONDYN and SearchInform share ideas on managing mobile technology within a corporate network and emphasise the role of GDPR

Make sure the channels are safe

Condyn and SearchInform will guide you through the threats your corporate network might face


SearchInform to tackle information security with series of conferences

A series of conferences on information security and internal threats will be held in South Africa

Data Breach Digest: March 2018

Tesco Travel Money leakes personal data, Facebook share price falls


Enterprise Mobility An Asset… If Risk Is Mitigated

What shoud businesses take note of when handling the risks and exploiting the advantages of enterprise mobility

Protecting Your Company Through Next Generation DLP

Jorina van Rensburg, CEO of Condyn, explains the importance of representing SearchInform in the market of South Africa.


How Honest Employees Become Criminals

SearchInform's partner Condyn share their expertise regarding incidents caused by harmless specialists.

Apple suffers major info breach, data of 800 000 Swiss citizens exposed

Apple's code got robbed, every tenth Swiss citizen had the personal data leaked - SearchInform has prepared the data breach digest.


SearchInform Partners With Condyn to Safeguard SA Market

SearchInform is represented in South Africa, with partnerships being established further afield in Africa.

Condyn partners with Russian developer to safeguard SA market

“Co-operation with foreign partners has proved the uniqueness of SearchInform DLP in the global market,” said Sergey Ozhegoy, CEO of SearchInform.


Troubled employees are a threat

SearchInform CEO on risk groups and business information security.

Russian information systems developer, SearchInform, enters South African market

SearchInform has signed a partnership agreement with Condyn, a local provider of information and security solutions.


The Radicati Group Releases “Enterprise Data Loss Prevention Market, 2017-2021”

The Radicati Group’s study “Enterprise Data Loss Prevention Market, 2017-2021” provides a detailed analysis of key market players, including SearchInform.

SearchInform Introduces Its Flagship Product at the First Press Conference in LATAM

SearchInform held the first press conference in Latin America and introduced the flagship product of the company.


Keeping up with the Cyber Threat Landscape

SearchInform CEO on a cyber security as a growing concern for organizations globally.

How To Protect Your Small Business Against A Data Breach

SearchInform CEO on how much a data breach costs your business and what you can do about it.


Managing security in the digital era

SearchInform CEO on how MSS help to reduce the costs.

SearchInform unveils DLP solution at GISEC

The solution aims at mitigating the risks of data loss and insider threats from either deliberate or negligent actions.

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