SearchInform security information and event management:

Real-time threat detection


IT infrastructure of a contemporary company is a complex mechanism that includes а multitude of corporate systems: network monitors, antiviruses, applications, databases, operating systems of servers and PCs, Active Directory, Exchange. Technically, any event in the system gets logged (protocoled). But it is impossible to track, analyze, and react timely to all events without an automated system.

Sophisticated mechanism of SIEM operation boils down to the following algorithm:

SearchInform SIEM collects information from various sources, analyses it, discovers threats, and alerts the designated info-security staff.




Collection and processing of events from different sources

The sheer number of event sources nowadays is so high that it’s impossible to manually control all events in the infrastructure. And this might lead to the following risks:

  • Missing a security violation.
  • Failure to identify details and determine causes (due to event log clearance, etc.)
  • Failure to reconstruct events.

And SearchInform SIEM, as an aggregator of information from different devices, solves this problem. The system unifies the data and provides a secure storage for the data.

Event analysis and incident processing in real-time

SearchInform SIEM does not just correlate events, but also evaluates their significance: The system visualizes the information focusing on important and critical events.

Correlation and processing based on rules

A single event is not always indicative of an incident. For example, a single failed logon might be just accidental, however, three or more attempts probably indicate a password-guessing attack. To identify really critical events, SearchInform SIEM uses rules that contain a whole range of conditions and take into account the most diverse scenarios.

Automated notification and incident management

Automated notifications and incident management enable SearchInform SIEM to fulfill its main purpose: Create conditions for information security officers to rapidly respond to incidents. The solution provides automatic detection of incidents.





SearchInform security information and event management is a SIEM system that solves real-life business challenges. SearchInform SIEM is not just another typical SIEM system. We operate our business in line with the client’s realm. Thus there is no need for us to make things look complicated where they are not. SearchInform SIEM is a software designed to fully solve common security tasks. This means that any information security officer is able to easily customize the system, work with it, and timely react to security breaches.