SearchInform FileAuditor

File system audit

Automated classification

Control of operations on sensitive data

What is FileAuditor?

DCAP solution (data-centric audit and protection) for automated file system audit,
search for access violations and monitoring changes in critical data.

FileAuditor answers important questions about internal business risks mitigation:

What documents contain business critical information?

How much critical data does a company have and where is it located?

Who has access to the data and can edit it?

Which tasks does FileAuditor solve

Classification of vulnerable data

Finds files in a document flow that contain critical information, and assigns a certain type to each file: personal data, trade secret, credit card numbers, etc.

Access rights audit

Facilitates confidential information access control – automatically monitors open resources, files available to a specific user or group, privileged accounts.

Critical documents archiving

Makes shadow copies of critical files found on a PC, server or network folders, saves the history of their revisions. Confidential data archive helps in incident investigation and ensures recovery of lost information.

User activity monitoring

Audits user operations in a file system. The specialists responsible for risk mitigation always have their information about changes made to a file updated (creating, editing, moving, deleting, etc.).

How does FileAuditor work?

How does FileAuditor work?

The program runs on the EndpointController agent interception platform - scans employee PCs, servers, network folders and transfers data for analysis to a workstation of a risk manager.

FileAuditor can be customised and tailored to the needs of a company:

  • create rules for searching for critical documents (by text, by regular expressions, by file attributes)
  • set the number of recent file versions, the copies of which should be kept
  • select speed, frequency and terms of scanning

Data analysis

FileAuditor visualises file system scan results in accordance with specified rules

The program demonstrates:

  • folder tree with indication of user rights to each directory or file
  • presence of critical documents on a PC, server or network storage
  • operations on critical files (creation, movement, deletion, etc.)
  • file marking (confidential agreement, personal data, financial statements)

Integration into SearchInform Risk Monitor

FileAuditor can work both as a stand-alone instrument and as part of SearchInform Risk Monitor. The integration of DCAP-solutions into Risk Monitor will significantly expand the functionality of the system.

If you have already installed SearchInform Risk Monitor, the installation of agent and server software won’t be needed to activate FileAuditor. The system update and activation of a new option will be enough.

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