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Company News

SearchInform has participated in the Russia - Indonesia Online Business Forum

SearchInform is willing to share information security technologies with other countries

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CIPS becomes SearchInform partner

SearchInform and CIPS have sealed the deal and started collaboration

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SearchInform FileAuditor implements protection against unauthorised access, changes and data leaks

Now DCAP-system SearchInform FileAuditor automatically blocks unwanted actions with files, depending on their content.

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SearchInform represented at Vietnam International Innovation Expo 2021

The audience of one of a major tech event in Vietnam was introduced to the company's solution

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Updated SearchInform DLP: tools for quick response and easy data analysis

During the second half of 2020, DLP increased its blocking capabilities, simplified its work with analytics, and became even more functional.

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SearchInform took part in the IGF hosted by the United Nations

SearchInform representatives participated in the Internet Governance Forum organised by the UN.

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Smart City Live 2020

SearchInform participates in the cybersecurity section.

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SearchInform will present the unique training program for BRICS countries

On the 15th-17th of September Sergey Ozhegov, CEO of SearchInform, will participate in the BRICS working group meeting

Products News

Updated FileAuditor: more search types, alerts, and reports

Scanning directories, configuring rules for automatic detection, manual search for incidents and other updates in FileAuditor.

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Tech Global and SearchInform sealed the deal in South Africa

The potential client was offered SearchInform data leakage prevention and time tracking software, file system auditing and database monitoring.

Products News

A quick reminder: recent updates in Risk Monitor solution

The solution became faster and simpler thanks to more options for flexible usage.

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SearchInform releases Database Monitor

SearchInform has officially released Database Monitor – the solution for control of information stored in databases.

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SearchInform cloud solution

SearchInform product as a full-functional cloud deployment model option.

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Use DLP to the fullest

Join our webinar on DLP integration and implementation with other systems on June 10

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New workplace after the pandemic – remote workforce

SearchInform will give the online conference the main concern of which will be the new workflow practices brought by the pandemic

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DLP, SIEM, DCAP and DAM as integrated solution for insider risk minimization

April 28, 2020, 11.00 a.m. UTC+3 - register and get an extensive "panoramic" insider's perspective with a hands-on advice on how to detect violators

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SearchInform and RITE have implemented their first joint project in Latin America

In March, 2020, SearchInform together with the partner RITE made the first agreement between them and a client in the Caribbean.

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SearchInform 3-day online training course

Register for free and master the skills in corporate monitoring and remote employee management

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SearchInform gets first feedback on the company's services

Any employee might do it – SearchInform revealed the most frequent security incidents within companies which applied to the company's services

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SearchInform is to visit Midrand and Cape Town renovate one of the most expedient ways to deal with cyber threats.

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SearchInform in Saudi Arabia

The company's concept reached hundreds of end users and integrators

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SearchInform at Cyber Defence Summit

On 8-10 March SearchInform will present the company's solution at the exhibition

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SearchInform in Indonesia

SearchInform and PT. Tri Kreasi Mandiri Teknologi speakers showed how to implement reliable employee monitoring and fraud prevention program

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Road Show SearchInform 2020 Insider Risk and Fraud

Come and join us in Jakarta to learn about insider threats and how they are dealt with in real life cases

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SearchInform wrapped up another fruitful visit to India

5th Enterprise Risk Management Leadership Summit gathered Chief Risk Officers, Chief Information Officers and Vice Presidents of different companies

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SearchInform launches information security outsourcing services

SearchInform launches information security outsourcing service for companies that face the problem of corporate fraud and data leakage.

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SearchInform at the South Africa – Russia ICT business forum

SearchInform took part in a Cybersecurity section of the South Africa – Russia ICT business forum which has taken place on 10-11 December 2019 in Johannesburg.

Company News

The new frontiers of IT

Alexey Pinchuk, Chief Business Development Officer, comments on the information security issue

Products News

SearchInform releases FileAuditor

SearchInform announced a new product – a solution for a file system auditing is going to be presented in the market.

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SearchInform among major developers in Employee Monitoring Solutions Market

The new report researching the Employee Monitoring Solutions Market has been completed

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SearchInform solution acknowledged by Data Bridge

The company is claimed to be among major competitors in the Global Information Security Consulting Market

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SearchInform releases automated profiling

The software allows to create a personal profile automatically and foreknow a user's behavior

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SearchInform is going to GITEX Technology Week

The company will board one of the most influential tech events hosting more than 100,000 visitors

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Damascus Fairgrounds hosted the leading tech event

SyriaTech Exhibition was held from 25 to 29 June

Products News

Introductions into Risk Monitor

Search algorithms have been enhanced, internal user control measures have been improved

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SearchInform at the 6th SyriaTech

SearchInform is going to participate at the upcoming SyriaTech Exhibition

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SearchInform at the 3rd Annual Corporate Fraud and Forensics India Summit

3rd Annual Corporate Fraud and Forensics India Summit 2019 will be held on 11-12th of June in Mumbai

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Insider Risk and Fraud Executive Briefing

Insider Risk and Fraud seminar sponsored by SearchInform gathers security specialists and risk managers in South Africa

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SearchInform at CISO MAG Awards India

SearchInform hosts a special session during the CISO MAG Awards India event

Company News

Fraud detection and risk mitigation seminar

Current challenges and threats: from external attacks to internal incidents

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SearchInform featured on

Alexei Parfentiev, leading analyst at SearchInform, is now on

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SearchInform has held a webinar for South Africa

SearchInform representatives in South Africa have conducted an online session concerning risk management

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SearchInform has presented the new concept of business protection against internal risks in Brazil

On 16-21 August SearchInform experts visited São Paulo and Joinville to conduct Money Loss Prevention: risk management comprehensive approach

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The first leg of Road Show MENA 2018: three seminars have been held 18-25 July

SearchInform conferences took place in the Middle East and North Africa region

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Beirut opened the first Road Show series in the Middle East and North Africa

IT experts, chief executives and business owners have met at the seminar on 18 July

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SearchInform Road Show to tackle internal security threats in 5 cities of the Middle East and North Africa

“Money Loss Prevention: futuristic security” seminars will be held from July to September in Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Kuwait and UAE.

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SearchInform conducted the first Road Show in South Africa

On 16 – 23 May, "Money Loss Prevention: futuristic security" conferences gathered companies’ executives and info security specialists in South Africa

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SearchInform Sums up the Road Show in Latin America

On 5 - 26 April, a series of Road Show SearchInform 2018

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Road Show 2018 goes to South Africa

Money Loss Prevention conferences will be held in Centurion and Cape Town - the first SearchInform event in the region will take place on 16 May

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Money Loss Prevention: the Conference on Information Security to be Held in Seven Countries of Latin America

On 5-26 April, SearchInform will conduct a series of conferences on protecting the business from digital threats and human-related incidents.

Products News

New Connectors and Rules in SearchInform Event Manager

New pre-set rules and connectors for checkweighers, firewalls, and antiviruses.

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SearchInform at Kuwait Expo 2018

The event took place at the International Exhibition Center from 6 to 10 February.

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SearchInform Presents Complex of InfoSec Solutions at INTERSEC 2018

In 2018, INTERSEC, the largest international trade fair on comprehensive security, was held for the 20th time.

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SearchInform Expands the Partnership Network in the Middle East

Today, SearchInform partner network in the Middle East includes 20 companies.

Products News

New Features of SearchInform DLP

Shadow copying from USB, set up of access/blocking of tokens, new device types in DeviceAudit and other new features.

Products News

New Release of SearchInform Event Manager: Linux Support and Graph of Incidents

The newest version of the product provides for the complex control of security events on the servers and endpoints under Linux OS.

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SearchInform Takes Part in the Exhibition AfricaCom 2017 and the Namibia-South Africa Business Mission

SearchInform presented its information security developments at the collective stand of the Russian Federation.

Products News

New Connectors in SearchInform Event Manager

The SearchInform product was enhanced with new sources of events and preset policies.

Products News

SearchInform DLP Upgraded to Control ROSA Linux, a Domestic Operating System

The agents of SearchInform DLP adapted to Rosa Linux OS control corporate mail, personal mail, HTTP(S) traffic, FTP, social networks and forums, cloud services.

Products News

SearchInform Presents a Solution for Telegram Monitoring

The solution is primarily designed to prevent the leakage of confidential information.

Company News

How To Protect Yourself Against Petya

It’s the second major global ransomware attack in the last two months.

Products News

New features of SearchInform DLP

Two new modules have been added to SearchInform Endpoint, AlertCenter and ReportCenter have been upgraded.

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SearchInform Introduces Its Products to Gulf Countries at GISEC 2017

The conference gathered over six thousand experts to discuss the current threats and market needs.

Products News

Updated SearchInform Event Manager Released

The system was supplemented with new preset rules and capability to create custom rules for data processing.

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SearchInform Opens up Profiling Activity Line

The company's new division will work in three directions.

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SearchInform Presents Its Systems at the Exhibition in Argentina

SEGURINFO brought together local and international companies, representatives of authorities and scientific institutions, as well as independent experts.

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SearchInform Among the World’s Best DLP Developers

Gartner research company included the SearchInform solution in the Magic Quadrant.

Products News

SearchInform and Speech Technology Center Presents Solution to Secure Voice Data

The solution simplifies work of information security officers who previously had to monitor and analyse themselves suspicious audio files.

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Results of Series of Conferences on Information Security SearchInform Road Show 2016

The event took place in 23 cities of Russia and the CIS and gathered more than three thousand participants.

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Congratulations on the International Computer Security Day!

28 years ago, the Association for Computing Machinery marked 30 November in the calendar to remind about information vulnerability.

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SearchInform DLP: First DLP System Integrated with Russian OS Astra Linux

Existing and potential clients of SearchInform showed interest in supporting Unix-like systems long ago.

Products News

Results of Private Forum for SearchInform Clients; Products Innovations 2016

Protection of local resources, image categories search, speech recognition, exact file search by hash, search by video, and many more.

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SearchInform Participates for the First Time in GITEX Technology Week

GITEX Week, taking place in Dubai for the 36th time, is one of the largest international trade events in IT.

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SearchInform Conference in Moscow Gathers Over 1000 Participants

Free conference "Insider: Detect and Neutralise" will also take place in other 19 Russian and CIS cities.

Products News

SearchInform Improves Pricing Policy of TimeInformer

Now, the work time control system is available by subscription.

Products News

New Features of SearchInform DLP: Search Server, DataCenter, ReportCenter, EndpointSniffer and AlertCenter Update

Extraction from RTF files, automatic licenses distribution, only work hours control and many others.

Products News

New Features of TimeInformer: Web-sites Classification and Work Schedule Control

The updated program is easier to operate and better considers peculiarities of a company.

Products News

New Features of SISP: EndpointSniffer, DataCenter and AlertCenter Update

Operation in the VDI infrastructure, load balancing, new system of licenses issue, improved search by regular expressions and changes in the quarantine operation

Company News

SearchInform Takes Part in Infosecurity Europe 2016

SearchInform experts participated in the annual exhibition that unites all European developers and clients of information security systems.

Products News

SearchInform ReportCenter New Feature: Automated Website Classification

Now ReportCenter automatically categorizes websites from the ‘Unknown’ group.

Company News

WorkTime Monitor Name Is to Be Changed to TimeInformer

Dear clients and partners, we inform you that from 6 June, 2016 we are changing the name of WorkTime Monitor work time control system to TimeInformer.

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SearchInform Is to Participate in InfoSecurity in London

From 7 to 9 June, experts of SearchInform will take part in the largest European conference on information security InfoSecurity Europe 2016.