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Enterprise DLP and Integrated DLP. What is the difference and how to implement the right data loss prevention system option? Discover software, apps and instruments which should or should not be installed on endpoints. See which roles within a company can benefit from using the system the most.

Identity management

Know which data gets shared

Prevent access sharing

Improve task and access rights control

Decide who can use sensitive data or resources

Data Loss Prevention analytics comprise: UEBA, SIEM, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence

Integrated DLP will take care of a storage which you pick to be monitored


  • Data locating, transfer and authorized use will be tracked automatically, keeping you informed of any activities that violate security policies
  • Impeccable compliance on any endpoint thanks to regular checks for policy updates and configuration changes
  • Automated commands keep workstations in tune with compliance requirements and a preset security strategy
  • Routine monitoring prevents human factor incidents, including both those that are deliberate and unintentional
  • PCI DSS, Basel, HIPAA and full GDPR compliance support

Identify specific users and differentiate user groups. Review corporate security policies and internal processes.

The system helps you audit, upgrade and tune the processes to meet both regulatory and corporate standards

Deploy Data Loss Prevention system with a brush-touch approach

Touch up configurations, assess the relevance of the adjusted settings and restore your business practices, put all controls in their place

Choose your option

Comprehensive and complete approach covering all data channels. The system will inform you about places sensitive data resides within your company and let you know where to put controls providing you with automated analytics and reaction mechanisms

Selective tactics for specific needs. Choose which storages you want to protect and monitor if you opt for some particular server or solution to be controlled.

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