Third-party integration
Our principal goal is to create a powerful, capable and competitive solutions and we are delighted to work with our technology partners together on delivering customers a product all parts of which are its strengths.
Storage area network (SAN) developers support

This kind of integration allows you to protect data, categorise stored information, perform access rights management depending on content, audit operations with files and folders, scan and analyse current access rights to data in a file system. Supported brands are:

Seamless integration, created in close cooperation with HUAWEI representatives, allows you to use all the file auditing functions (categorisation, checking of access permissions, audit of operations with confidential information) on Oceanstor SAN devices

SearchInform offers a fully-functional system now available in Microsoft Azure – the reliable cloud solution ensuring conformity to standards and requirements set by multinational companies and government organisations.

Microsoft Azure is supported by 3500 cybersecurity experts providing customers with highly protected infrastructure and working process. Azure takes care of your data as you control your data completely, sharing for marketing purpose is forbidden. The marketplace lets vendors present versions of their software adapted for work in virtual environment.

Integration with PACS systems allows you to use the data received from these systems in the form of reports for the ProgramController.
Integration is possible with the following PACS:

Orion Pro
Business Intelligence

Integration with business intelligence (BI) systems will allow you to visualise any data in a form convenient for the customer. Supported brands are:

Presets for Power BI are included into the product

Integration with SIEM systems allows the communication of incidents identified by security policies of the monitoring system (for example SearchInform Risk Monitor system). Integration is possible: 1. through a specially created CEF file 2. though Syslog. 3. or is seamless with SearchInform SIEM system. Supported brands are:


Integration with Security Operation Centers will reduce the time of response to information security threats due to their centralised and a unified approach. Supported brands are:


This type of integration allows you to extract text from graphic objects for further analysis by SearchInform Risk Monitor modules. Integration is possible with the following OCR systems:

NicomSoft OCR
The OCR engine built into the solution is free for a customer and has basic functions. Its performance is sufficient and recognition quality is quite high. Supports recognition of Latin and Cyrillic characters.
The industry-leading OCR solution, available as an add-on, has support for over 50 OCR languages, adapted for both print and handwritten text. There are built-in machine learning algorithms for categorising images by type. Ensures high stability and performance. Can be clustered for any load.
Integration with speech recognition systems

Such integration allows converting an audio recording into a textual representation for further analysis by Risk Monitor modules.

DSS Lab developer’s solution was optimised specially for SearchInform Risk Monitor system
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