Global surveys emphasise the damage inflicted by insider leak

According to Egress recent global insider data breach survey 97% of IT specialists are sure that incidents due to an insider can have a big impact. Almost the same percentage believes that employees can appear to be both malicious violators and negligent users – 75% think that people leak data on purpose and 78% claim that staffers let data outside the corporate perimeter unintentionally. 41% insist that organisations will be affected financially in the first place.

As another report from the experts from Opinion Matters shows 50% of information technology professionals use antivirus against phishing, almost the same percentage use email encryption and secure collaboration tools – 48% and 47% accordingly. 58% state that employee reporting is still a more efficient way of learning about an incident which happened due to an insider than a data leak discovery software which means that many traditional solutions are not sufficient today.

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More numbers based on the survey results:

Almost 1/3 of those who took part in the research noted that they were aware of employees who leaked data knowingly and against the corporate policy

46% of respondents said that their colleague took data to a new job breaching the policy

1/4 made it clear that they had to transfer data in a perilous way due to the lack of proper security instruments in the company

Only 10% of mid-level or operation employees maliciously leaked data whereas 78% of managing directors were to blame for data shared against organisation’s policies

Top management is also the most likely type of specialists who would take data to a new job – 68%

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