Telecom companies will be dealing with substantial fines

4 major American wireless carriers are to be fined about $200 million by U.S. Federal Communications Commission. The fine is proposed for putting up for sale access to customers’ geolocation. The issue also concerns poor preventive measures taken to limit the access and exclude unauthorised usage. The penalty appears to be the biggest the Commission has ever arranged.

T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint are the companies which will face $91 million, $57 million, $48 million and $12 million fines respectively.

Sum fixing was guided by the extent to which the companies compromised data – the longer the period of selling access to clients’ location with no sufficient protection was and the bigger the number of “buyers” was the heavier the companies were charged.

The amount of penalties still can be negotiated as the organisations might appeal against the decision.

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