Most expensive GDPR cases yet to be settled

The penalties for both companies British Airways and Marriott have been adjourned. Back in 2019 industry giants were fined £183 million and £99 million respectively but the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office couldn’t complete the investigation.

The due time since the notice was given has passed and the extension followed in January 2020. It is known that such extension periods can get as far as June, although even further appeals from the companies are not ruled out. The situation is intensified due to the current pandemic situation as both companies depend on travel industry and go through a certain profit slump.

According to the sources, it is not wise to insist on penalising as the organisations still have to take care of their clients and keep contributing money to maintain information security management at the required level.

How to protect customer data

Marriott has also made it to the data breach news once again recently – the data, among which there were passport details and credit card information, of 5.2 million customers could have been compromised. The suspicious activity was performed via login credentials of two employees at one of its buildings.

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