Aptoide user exposure, the new data leak in healthcare

Aptoide, a popular online app store alternative which comes as an individually manageable store, has been breached compromising data of 20 million Android users. The data is known to be still in the public eye accessible for hackers. Users who registered between July, 2016 and January, 2018, could have had their information exposed. The details contained PII, such as names, birth dates, emails, sign up information, hashed passwords, gadget details and IP addresses.

Interestingly Aptoide has already had issues with Google regarding its allegedly “unfair” treatment by the Google company and even uninstalling the service from users’ smartphones.

A Detroit-area health care organisation appeared to be another violators’ target. The network of 8 hospitals announced the breach which impacted 112,000 people. An unauthorised third party gained access to names, Social Security numbers, some banking details – account data, driver’s licenses and health information of patients.

Patients are now being informed of the data exposure which has been revealed only on March 29 this year due to affecting employees’ email accounts by a phishing attack. The personal data was accessed between May and June of 2019. The healthcare institutions keep being one of the most popular targets for external attackers, and this breach seems to be one more reminder of the information security threats which are escalating now during the pandemic situation.

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