Monitoring solution in the cloud

According to the statistics provided by SearchInform, 100% of companies identified the attempts of employees to take at least some corporate data during the first months of using the company’s services, whereas only 26% appeared to control employee activity with the help of monitoring software. The requirement companies have to meet to use such systems is one of the reasons for which business protection software integration progress is still slow. It is not enough just to pay for the software, organisations need to purchase hardware and allocate the load among infrastructure elements. This might take a lot of resources.

SearchInform offers Risk Monitor, its flagship software, as a cloud deployment model in order to free businesses from the necessity to choose whether to save money or ensure complete security. Risk Monitor in the cloud doesn’t imply the increase of extra expenses caused by purchasing a server: it collects, processes and stores data in virtual space. It means that such a solution can fit companies at any level of IT infrastructure development: large, medium and small businesses which don’t have their own hardware jungle, can’t boost it or want to reduce the load within the corporate perimeter. Searchinform provides a customer with an allotted cloud server with the access to the Internet, but a customer can opt for any other cloud service provider instead. The installation, deployment of Risk Monitor and implementation of the system is conducted online. Data is stored and processed in the cloud. The services are provided based on a subscription model – a customer pays for the software licenses and cloud server usage once a month in order to avoid spending a considerable sum to purchase the system.

“Many vendors offering information security and risk mitigation have been deploying their solutions in the cloud. Cloud servers can be safe as major cloud providers have to meet strict regulatory requirements and conform to the standards, offer additional configurations to protect your data properly, guarantee your information remains confidential and they are definitely more DDoS-proof than individual customers. Risk Monitor in the cloud is completely safe: all the data are transferred from corporate PCs to the virtual data center via secured channels, and the “core” of the system can be accessed only by a customer,” said Alexey Parfentiev, leading analyst at SearchInform.

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SearchInform cloud solution presents the full-fledged system: controls all the data transfer channels, analyses traffic and provides you with investigation instruments. The toolset allows companies prevent data breaches efficiently, detect corporate fraud and assess employee performance. SearchInform can assign a specialist to implement the correct operating of the solution at any step of Risk Monitor integration process. A specialist will install, configure, launch the system ensuring its proper functioning and monitor incidents. A customer will receive a comprehensive business protection without purchasing costly hardware, software and without hiring or training extra staff.

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