Tait Towers Manufacturing data compromised

Tait Towers Manufacturing, one of the leaders in designing, constructing and delivering live event equipment for the most notable gigs and the highest-grossing shows, got the company’s data compromised.

The data breach has recently been announced by the gear provider, but the incident occurred in February and was identified on April 6. The producer and supplier of rigs, lighting and other machines for concerts and performances emphasises that the leak happened via a third party which accessed a server, unauthorised use of employee email accounts was also detected.

It is claimed that the breach became possible due to top managers and staffers who would open email attachments and follow enclosed links created by suspicious senders. It is stressed that employee training and educating on social engineering, malware, human error and other cybersecurity-related threats is required.

Staff members’ names, addresses, emails, Social Security numbers and financial account details were exposed.

Tait Towers Manufacturing has reportedly deployed multi-factor authentication and even installed monitoring solutions on corporate endpoints.

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