User data up for sale on the dark web

Pakistani mobile user data blackmail

115 million Pakistani mobile users’ personal details were leaked on the dark web, violators put the price of 2.1 million dollars on them. There were names, addresses, mobile phone numbers, Tax and NIC numbers exposed.

The data was posted with a nicely put advertisement which claimed that the “database is freshly hacked this week. That data was still being updated as I took the data down. Beautifully organized in a CSV with headers for your pleasure.” The cybercriminal behind the breach is a VIP member of the popular dark web forum.

What telecommunications company appeared to have the data compromised or whether there were many leaks which constituted the bulk is unknown yet.

Patient data discovered on the dark web

Another huge array was uploaded to the dark web. More than 230 thousand records of Indonesian patients ill with COVID-19 were put up for sale.

Names, addresses, phone numbers, a country of residence, health records such as diagnosis date, results and others were among the leaked data.

Cyble, the cyber intelligence company which scans the dark web every day, found the breached data and reminds everyone to never share personal information when talking on the phone, via email correspondence, monitor any financial transactions, update software, register at AmIBreached to know for sure if your data is compromised.

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